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Portrait Photography

On location

We have an abundance of awesome places to use as backdrops for location portraiture on our doorstep. Beaches, woodland, and even urban settings make great backdrops for families, pets and couples. Who doesn’t dig a relaxed walk, finding great spots to use and creating memories of moments together. I shoot outdoor portraits in the same way I shoot weddings; subtly styled, with the emphasis being relaxed and natural, yet creative still. You want you to look your best and enjoy the experience right? Not feel awkward whilst a camera is pointed at you, or dreading it the night before. Check out a few examples to see if you like my style, and get in contact to chat ideas.

Wedding Photography

Nothing to fear

Wedding photography should be enjoyable! You’ll be surprised how many couples dread the thought of wedding day photography. Horror stories of standing around waiting to be called for endless combinations of dull group photographs and hours away from their guests for forced/awkward couple shots. Yes, some relaxed, creative couple portraits and a few groups shot in a relaxed, yet stylish way is something we recommend, but it’s also the fleeting moments captured throughout the day which help weave a story. More importantly it’s about having something to look back on with memories of loved ones and friends to treasure for a lifetime. Standing in a line, dreading the next dull photograph is not what we offer… c’mon in and see if my wedding photography is for you. If you dig what you see, drop me a line as I’d love to chat about your day with you.

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Why us you ask?

“Surely, it’s only pressing a button?”

It’s a trust thing. Simple. You trust me to do what I say I can do based on a few words, videos, picture galleries and hopefully a chat together. It’s the same with every photographer out there, and with so much choice, who do you trust to capture your memories? Prices vary as do styles and products offered, so it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed at the choices available. I’ve written plenty of words scattered around this website, posted picture galleries, and thought it would be useful to show what others have said. Click the button below, and read other’s words for a change.

written SUCH photography review

“We had such an amazing day and want to thank you both for making it fun and helping us both relax and enjoy it as much as possible! We really appreciated it! ”

~ Alex & Hannah, Portchester, Hampshire

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Albums & Wall Art

Go pro.

Printed photographs, albums and rad things hung on the wall are still king in a digital age. Step inside and hear me out on this.

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