Wedding Photography…

…is all about creating memories of a special day in a couple’s journey through life together; a chapter in their story, a moment in their lives captured for a future them to look back upon. Sounds epically cheesy I know, but it really is about creating memories for couples to look back on in years to come, happy memories to last a lifetime and beyond. And it should be fun, something to look forward to, not something to dread having heard horror stories of endless dull group combinations and awkwardly posed couple shots whilst feeling self-conscious. Check out the short video, press play, have a watch and imagine having wonderful memories to look back upon. I’ve recorded audio so be careful if sneakily viewing at work or on the train. Click the ‘Prices and options’ button for a link to a downloadable full Product Guide PDF.

couple indoors looking out of window


Your Wedding Day…

… is unique to you. Sure there may be similarities as generally most weddings follow a pattern, but each wedding and every couple are unique and treated as such. I’m here to tell a story of your day. I know when to get involved with you and your guests and know when to be discreet and blend into the background. I know a wedding day story is more than just groups of guests standing in a line looking at the camera. I know your day is about you and not the ego of a photographer. Your day is special and talking in person about your day is always something I recommend and what could be better than chatting about your wedding plans with someone as enthusiastic about your day as you are.


The Start of the Day

This is where your wedding day story begins; the details, the laughter, the relaxed calm before the storm as they say. Of course it’s not a storm, but a wonderful day full of amazing memories ahead of you. Capturing this part of your day is a great start to the story telling, and it’s always wonderful to capture both of your mornings, so you can see what the other one got up to. Natural moments, happy moments, funny moments…

bride standing in front of a window looking out
bride enters the church

Ceremony & Reception

The Main Event

You’ve spent months planning this and now it’s time to tie the knot in front of friends and family, and enjoy all your hard work (& expense!) Plan your timings so this main part of your day isn’t rushed. Ask advice on how long you’ll need for everything that you want to do and the special memories you want captured; there may be a list of groups, perhaps a couple of special locations for the pair of you, maybe that sunset shot is important, perhaps you have 250 guests you’d like to say hello to? All these ideas take time and you’ll want to enjoy your day as a wedding day flies by fast enough as it is. So, don’t spend the day clock-watching, plan ahead so you can enjoy the moments. We want to capture the moments, the moments between the moments, and you and your guests enjoying these moments…

The Evening

The Evening Party

Your day isn’t over yet, you have an evening party to enjoy. If you’re going traditional, kick it off with cutting a cake and your first dance in front of your guests, before the music plays into the night. Don’t get caught up in worrying about dancing in front of everyone, a short nervous shuffle for 30 seconds before asking everyone to join you is just as acceptable as a 2 minute ballroom display. Go with whatever you are comfortable with and don’t fret. Dance the night away, throw your hands in the air, enjoy yourself, take a 10min break from the hecticness, go and smoke a cigar with friends, knock back a couple of shots with friends at the bar, hug loved ones, catch up with friends. All these moments make up the story of your day, so have them captured to look back upon in years to come. Invest in your memories…

group of wedding guests dancing with coloured lights

“The BIGGEST thank you. You and Sarah kept us so calm throughout the whole day and were so professional. You went above and beyond what we ever expected of a photographer. Thank you so so much”

~ Stacey & Ryan, Romsey, Hampshire



Oh maaan, this is the tricky bit. What d’ya wanna know then? That I’ve been in the pro-wedding photography industry for 30 years, that I originally worked a darkroom with enlargers, negatives and elbow deep in foul-smelling chemicals, or how I’ve been a pro-wedding photographer for 20 years, or the awards (yaaawn), or the hundreds of awesome compliments and testimonials we’ve received over the years, maybe the changes I’ve seen, or maybe how passionate I still am after all these years and huuundreds of weddings shot?

Nah, I’m not the star of this show. You are. This isn’t about me really. This is just the face behind the camera/computer and few rambling words. What’s more important is why I do this. Why I put myself under the rather crazy stress levels associated with delivering amazing memories time after time being a wedding photographer (or portrait photographer when the weather turns against us!) I do it because I’m a crusader for couples having memories. I love looking back on moments in the past. Whether it’s family and loved ones, days out, my kids (not-so-kids anymore) being kids, those days when looking back there was so much potential, so many memories attached to places, faces and reactions. All this stuff needs to be captured to look back upon in the future years. To be transported back to the moment, to relive the emotions associated with the memory. This is the important part, not that I stuffed my arms into chemicals in a darkroom. It’s the passion to create amazing memories for a couple or a family, to look back upon whenever the urge hits them. That is the important bit.

I will finish with some personal stuff though, just so you see I’m not a robot! I’m an immensely proud Dad to two wonderful pests who have grown up far too quickly for my liking, a loving (annoying?) partner to the equally awesome photographer Sarah, and my interests like getting on a bike, running or skating, reading books, listening to music, watching an epic movie or two through an unnecessarily loud sound system, the crackle of vinyl on a turntable, the challenge I seem to find in devouring food, and that I drink too much coffee, eat too many biscuits, and have a healthy obsession with visiting central Florida. I also dig disappearing with Sarah to a shack (must have a wood burner though) in the middle of nowhere armed with books and walking boots?

I dunno, stuff like that maybe is of interest. I dunno, just caffeine-fuelled rambling to me… TTFN…

professional wedding album on table

Albums & Wall Art

Go pro.

Printed stuff kicks digital all day long. Step inside and hear me out on this.

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Happy times

Out in the fresh air enjoying relaxing moments and capturing memories. C’mon in and see what is on offer.

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