Choosing the right wedding photographer for you


Worried you’ll make the wrong decision? You are not alone!


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Expert advice

To help YOU choose who is right for you.

It’s a minefield right? The cursory Google search ‘photographers near me’ brings up 100’s of choices in your area alone.

Where do you start?

My ‘Top Tips’ guide shows you how to choose the right wedding photographer for you. It offers insights and advice to get you thinking about what is important to you, questions to ask and insider information.

I’ve been a full-time professional photographer since 2000 and worked a photographic darkroom for 10 years prior to that. I have shot huuundreds of weddings and portraits in this country and abroad in all weather conditions, at all times of the year and at every kind of location/venue. I kinda know rather a lot when I think about it, and I’m sharing my knowledge and wisdom.

Advice for all types of weddings included, from small intimate affairs to lavish all-day spectaculars.

Jump in and have a read for yourself, it’ll only take 5 minutes.

Do you know?

Why wedding photographers prices vary so much?

Which questions to ask?

What to look out for?

Who is right for you?

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Kind words from others who have read ‘Top Tips’

“Thank you for sending your guide over Chris, it has been useful to read and helped us realise a few things we hadn’t even thought about . Thanks again and we’ll be in touch”

Rhian & Matthew


“It’s a minefield, you’re right! Thanks for the PDF, helped clear up a few things we were stuck with. Do you have one about how to not feel awkward in front of a camera?”

Lewis & Beth

Useful advice

The mystery of why photographers prices vary so much

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More kind word below from some lovely wedding couples

“The BIGGEST thank you. You kept us so calm throughout the whole day and were so professional. You went above and beyond what we ever expected of a photographer. Thank you so so much”

~ Stacey & Ryan

“We had such an amazing day and want to thank you both for making it fun and helping us both relax and enjoy it as much as possible! We really appreciated it! ”

~ Alex & Hannah

“They are amazing, they really did blow us away and reminded us of what a fun-filled day it was. We are so glad you were there to document it. You really did capture the fun that was had.”

~ Tom & Tash

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