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  • group of men doing hand signs

    I like movies

    I’ve stumbled onto a theme here. Dosed up on coffee. No words planned. Usual me. And I start off the first one of these this year with a movie quote. I totally can continue this. I like movies…. a lot!!

  • advent calendar

    End of another year!

    2021 is nearly over and we’re 5 days deep into our Advent calendars already! Where has the year gone?

  • Corona Beer

    Lockdown: Day 2 of god knows how many ahead of us…

    Life of a wedding photographer in the UK during this COVID-19 lockdown eh? Not much to report here…

  • Another MPA Certification

    I have been awarded another MPA Certification. Well two more actually. This time is under the banner of Business Excellence rather than for photography.

  • SUCH wedding show shell display exhibition stand

    National Wedding Show is tomorrow

    I’ve managed to squeeze everything in the car… just. I even managed to keep the passenger seat free for Sarah. It’s all a tight fit in there though, so at least nothing will be moving around on the drive to London.