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  • daffodils in field

    Marching on

    March, Spring, Lockdown, 2021… Dear Diary, what is going on… Yes I’ve been on the coffee again this morning and guess what? Time for another of whatever these are. It’s March.

  • letter tiles on grey background

    February begins

    February begins… we made it through the first 8731 days of January alive (hopefully).

  • red letter V in red circle

    Hold My Beer

    Hold My Beer says 2021 as we struggle to comprehend what is going on around us. We’re only 9 days in and it’s bonkers already!

  • mug with text

    Lockdown 3

    There’s an old saying, ‘a calm sea never made a good sailor’ and our sea legs are certainly being tested aren’t they! 

  • green cup of coffee

    C-19 update

    Todays ramblings are brought to you by the letter C and the number 19…. C is for coffee and 19 for the number of coffees I consume daily to function in a world devoid of deadlines.