Perfect match?

Even though I’m an award-winning photographer, doesn’t mean I’m the perfect photographers for you, only you can decide that.

If you love looking back through memories, dig my style, and the thought of handmade albums and wall art excites you, then I could potentially make your short-list of considered photographers. That would be most excellent, and it’d be awesome to have a chat together about your ideas.

There’s a video you can watch and a couple of download options on this page to get you up to speed on prices and options, along with advice to help you choose the perfect photographer for you.

Drop me a line here to arrange a chat and I’ll answer as many questions as you can think of.


Is a pro for you?

A camera is the save button for a memory and photography creates memories. Not everyone recognises this, but for those that do, photographs are an important reminder of a person or a moment, something to look back upon. People last forever in a photograph.

Andy Warhol summed up photography when he said, “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

Time flies by, we get older, people come and go in our lives, kids grow up way too fast, and if 2020 taught us anything, life is precious.

Create memories, capture moments and have fun doing so. Wedding photography isn’t about people standing in a line being told to smile by a photographer they don’t know; photography should be more fun than that right? It’s the moments, and the moments between the moments that tell a story of a wedding day.

But is a pro for you? Spare me 5 minutes of your time and read my ‘Top Tips’ guide to help you choose the perfect photographer for you.

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Outdoors for a stroll?

Outdoors gives you our wonderful countryside, woodland, beaches and even urban settings as a backdrop. Get outside for some fresh air, take a walk and see what we come up with. It’s like a mini-adventure.

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Albums, Books & Wall Art

Print reigns supreme

I grew up with photographs stuck in books, notes written underneath with dates and places, sat around my Grandmother’s table thumbing through a box of old photographs. We have a generation growing up without this. Pictures on devices rarely looked at, deleted when memory runs out. Corrupt hard drives on laptops thrown away and who has the time to go searching for an old picture on Facebook from 5yrs ago let alone in 10 or 20 years time.

Yes, digital files are useful, but photographs are the real thing. Photographs hanging on your walls are a daily reminder of a happy place, a moment or a person and albums/books last a lifetime.

This is real stuff we’re capturing, real moments being recorded. I’ll repeat myself here… people last forever in a photograph. Be awesome and invest in your memories, the future you will thank you for doing so.

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~ Jonny & Hannah, Alton, Hampshire



Answers to often-asked questions

Questions are a good thing, answers are even better.

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