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Getting outdoors with families, pets and couples for location portraiture is a rad thing indeed. Using our wonderful countryside, beaches, woodland and urban settings for backdrops is my vibe. I love shooting people outdoors, using nature as my backdrop and client’s memories having a natural and relaxed vibe to them. Drop me a line and I’d love to chat ideas with you. Click the ‘Prices and options’ button for a link to the downloadable full Product Guide PDF.

couple standing together on a beach with the tide out



Choose a location that has special meaning or one that fits your interests. A walk along a beach on a sunny brisk winters morning, spring in a forest clearing, sunset in a summer cornfield, motorway underpass covered in graffiti… choose somewhere that stirs emotion in you. Then have something hanging on your wall as a daily reminder of a happy moment; a daily dose of positivity does wonders.



Capture a moment at the early stage of your life story together. A recent engagement with wedding plans starting to form and a couple shoot to immortalise this time in your lives together is a great thing to have. I don’t like to call these a ‘practise run’ for your wedding photography, although they do help you to see a photographers shooting style, but I think of them as a separate memory of you both starting out on this life thing together. Heck, you don’t have to be engaged either, just have a shoot to record how youthful and rad you are right now. The future you will look back upon this and be glad you did it.

man on bending knee proposing on a beach
family walking through autumn leaves



I dig the spontaneity of shooting outdoors. Relaxed and natural outdoor shoots using nature as my backdrop, yup that’s me. Beaches, woodland, countryside, urban settings can all be epic memories. Time passes so quick, so seize the moment, get it recorded, have memories you and future generations can fondly look at around a table for years to come. Have something awesome hanging on your wall as a daily reminder of a happy moment.

“So lovely to capture our beautiful family. Cannot wait to order a book as I’d really like to have something tangible to cuddle up with the kids and go over it all again and again…”

~ The Allgood family, Fareham, Hampshire

wedding picture hanging on the wall indoors

Albums & Wall Art

Go pro.

Nothing beats a printed photograph hanging on your wall or a fantastic collection of images in an album or book. Digital stuff is convenient, but printed stuff is still king. Step inside and hear me out on this.

couple standing together in front of green bush

Wedding Photography

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