What’s the next step?

“Tell me more”

Chatting together. Best way to ask question, and chat ideas. In-person or via a web-chat (Zoom seems popular!)

Wedding chats tend to be more in-depth due to the inherent variables a wedding day brings, whereas a portraiture chat focuses on locations/clothing ideas/time of year etc.

With regard to weddings, I’ve been shooting weddings full-time since 2000, shot huuuundreds of weddings in this country and abroad, in all weathers, at all times of the year and at all types of venues. I’m here to share my wedding wisdom and experience to help couples along their wedding planning journey. Heck, I even help couples choose the perfect wedding photographer for them if that isn’t us! How ultra-professional is that eh?

Experience in shooting location portraiture comes from years of shooting weddings. People outdoors. A location portrait session doesn’t have the time restraints and added venue restrictions attached though, so makes for a far calmer experience.

Whether you commission me for a wedding day or a portrait session, you can expect a professional, yet personal service and a photographer/s who go above and beyond for you before, during and after. I’ll weave a story of your day, be a part of your day, and deliver a wonderful collection of memories. Your memories will be uploaded to a private online gallery so you can share them with family and friends, I’ll create stunning handmade and personalised albums for you and offer awesome Wall Art to hang on the wall at home. I’m also here to answer questions and chat ideas with you whenever you wish to. Yup, totally professional, totally photography experts and totally happy to chat for hours about awesome stuff.

Chatting in-person or via a web-chat is always preferable, always beats playing email ping-pong back’n’forth. So holler when you get the chance and let’s sort a chat out.


Getting the Ball Rolling

Drop us an email or use the ‘Enquire’ button at the bottom of this page or even pick up that most retro of communication devices… the telephone. We have been known to pick it up and answer calls. No faxes or carrier pigeons unfortunately, but please pick up a phone or a keypad and write us a message to enquire about date options and to chat  and ideas. In person chatting or via a web-chat rules supreme though.. just sayin’

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Kicking Things Off

Face-to-face chatting to talk ideas is the best. I highly recommend doing this wherever possible or if distance is an issue then at least arrange a web-chat. If you can, meeting up in person to sit down and talk together is great- come armed with a notepad filled with questions to bombard me with, I’m quietly confident I can answer any photography-related question you may have or know someone that can.

Making a Booking

Setting a Date

Secure your date in our diary, tick that job from the to-do-list and sit back knowing one important task is complete. Choose what is right for you and trust us to capture those special memories.

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“They are amazing, they really did blow us away and reminded us of what a fun-filled day it was. We are so glad you and Sarah were there to document it. You really did capture the fun that was had.”

~ Tom & Tash, Portsmouth, Hampshire

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Albums & Wall Art

Go Pro.

Printed photographs hanging on your walls and awesome memories in an album or book still beats a digital file. Step inside and hear me out on this.

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