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  • buns on a plate

    April Awesomeness

    My morning has been hijacked by hot-cross buns.

  • daffodils in field

    Marching on

    March, Spring, Lockdown, 2021… Dear Diary, what is going on… Yes I’ve been on the coffee again this morning and guess what? Time for another of whatever these are. It’s March.

  • letter tiles on grey background

    February begins

    February begins… we made it through the first 8731 days of January alive (hopefully).

  • group of people together outside with text

    Planting 50 trees Strava Challenge

    The MPA are planting 50 trees for each member who completes the Strava Challenge. Walk, jog, run, or cycle 5k every day for 50 days.

  • red letter V in red circle

    Hold My Beer

    Hold My Beer says 2021 as we struggle to comprehend what is going on around us. We’re only 9 days in and it’s bonkers already!