I have given up caffeine

This is no longer the ramblings of a caffeine addict.

I have given up caffeine. I’m a month deep. Not sure how this is going to go!

Usually I’d dose up excessively on coffee, and sit here spilling out my internal monolog as my brain fizzes and arcs from over-consumption of caffeine. Not today though. The voices are quiet lately. Is this a good thing? No idea, it sure ain’t helping me write stuff, nor am I crashing in the afternoon though, so swings and roundabouts I guess?

I’ve not given up biscuits and choco though, I repeat, I’ve not given up biscuits and choco. I’m not completely mental..

Ooo biscuits… brb…

So, I sit here, a mug of decaf tea (teacaf?) on my 11, a couple of biscuits on my 9, scribing the dullest update in written history. And I’ve written my fair share of dullness, so that’s saying something.

But do I have a point today in what I’m writing? F**k no! Zero change there. However I did think it was about time I penned another one of these, and yes I have been putting it off, as writing coherently is tricky at the best of times, let alone without the supportive crutch of excessively strong coffee constantly being necked. Pint at a time, I add, and I’d forgone the use of a measuring spoon, long ago. I just poured that s**t straight in, without care. I s**t you not, I reckon I was drinking the equivalent of four coffees sometimes. And then constantly topping up to keep the buzz going. Probably a dozen pints of coffee each day. And all unmeasured strong.

Right, I’ll shut up about it now. I sound like a bloody ex-addict talking about a near-death experience on crack, not some tw*t who just drank too much coffee.

Moving on now…

So, how are we all out there on this sunny Easter Sunday? It’s a gloriously sunny Easter weekend. The sun has been shining, the blooms are out in full show, the sound of lawn mowers and the smell of fresh cut grass on the air. Life is good. And chocolate easter eggs. Let’s not forget this weekend is all about scoffing chocolate easter eggs. At the time of writing this sentence, it’s 10:13h on Sunday morning, are you/were you eating chocolate at this time of the morning? I hope so. Life is too short to deny yourself a little indulgence from time to time.

What does easter weekend mean to you? A few days off to spend with those you choose to spend it with? Time with loved ones, family time together, friends, working on a car or motorbike in the garage, maybe gardening? Maybe scoffing chocolate on the sofa avoiding the outside world and binging Netflix nursing a hangover?

I’m only in the office this morning, penning this, and then we’re all off down the skatepark for some kool-ass family time together this afternoon, and then off to teach some skating afterwards. Then I reckon a movie night. That’s our Sunday sorted. Skating and a movie. Nice.

Talking of skating…

Oh talking of skating, we were out on a street skate last night around the streets of Portsmouth as we often do, and I bumped into a past wedding client from 12yrs ago. She stopped to chat to us and to ask if we’re the squad often seen skating the streets. She didn’t recognise me out of context at first, and I said, “hello, I shot your wedding!” and she was like, “OMG Chris, it’s you!” and I was like, “Yeah sure is” and we chatted briefly about how she regretted not sorting out her wedding album.

I don’t like constantly pestering couples who are slack on the album stuff, sometimes life throws a curve ball at us and things slip down our priority lists. I get that. The last thing someone needs is a few emails tempting them to get something sorted, when balls-deep into some stressful life thing. It’s not a priority, it’s a luxury item fo’sho, but it is something a future you will often wish you’d sorted.

I will only chase for a certain time as I don’t wish to be seen as pestering. Yeah sure I know I’m chasing purely for the same reason as my past client last night who regretted not sorting theirs out. These are the memories of an amazing day, a day in your life frozen for all time, something for the next generation to look at, flick though to see a younger, radder version of you being all kool and happy and full of smiles. This stuff is priceless.

So, yeah, that’s why I chase from time to time, to give a gentle kick in the rear to get something sorted before you regret not getting something sorted.

Get it sorted.

That’s my sermon for Easter Sunday.

I didn’t start out with an idea of what to write, but I seem to have found a message for today.

Right, you go eat some chocolate egg, I gotta go kick my Suchlings awake and hit up the skatepark.

Be rad you lot, be excellent to one another, and enjoy this awesome weekend. Until next time… TTFN…

P.S. did I mention I have given up caffeine? If not, remind me about it here