I like movies

I like movies… a lot.

I’ve stumbled onto a theme here. Dosed up on coffee. No words planned. Usual me. And I start off the first one of these this year with a movie quote. I totally can continue this. I like movies…. a lot!!

Anyway, happy new year. Why does Christmas always seem an age away? We’re only 2wks out, a week into the next solar orbit, and last year seems a distant memory already. 8 days into this month and even NYE seems an age away. Life moves so fast, I swear time has speed up; I mean, Einstein determined time is relative to one’s frame of reference, so who knows eh? And this is only the second paragraph!

Whoa… heavy s**t for a Saturday afternoon! I probably need to get out for some fresh air, this crappy weather we’re being subjected to isn’t helping is it… bring on the fresh blooms of spring, the optimism of welcoming warmer weather, the sunny evenings and hanging out with friends and family. Walks along the beach, through the woods, riding bikes, skating badass ramps, whatever your chill time vibes may be. At least the dark and dank evenings lend themselves to fires and movies, one shining beacon amongst the seas of gloom our winters plonk in our laps. I like movies… a lot!

Aside from movies

The previous two years have been surreal, testing and awesome in equal measures? Seriously, are we in a simulation, running an AI social experiment? And now with Zuck going all Meta on us, Elon being, well, Elon, Matrix  Resurrections sucking hugely, and still no sign of Avatar sequel… surely we ARE in the Matrix right? Sorry for the spoiler alert if you’ve yet to see the new Matrix film by the way. Spider-Man and Dune are far better options by the way.

Yet again, I baffle myself with what to write. I should probably change that to battle myself with what to write, or at least write something that has a meaning; some profound prowse to sum up the beginning of this year succinctly. Instead I ramble on in my standard coffee addict style, spilling words onto my screen as my internal monolog chit-chats incessantly inside my head. Are you still reading? Fair play if you are. Have I mentioned I like movies… a lot.

What does this year hold then?

I dunno, you tell me? What exciting things have YOU got planned this year? Wedding plans for some, potential house moves for others, renovation projects, all the usual life stuff. Has anyone got any personal goals they’re aiming for this year? Ticking off that first marathon run, first century bike ride, three-peaks challenge, I dunno, surprise me with your awesomeness. Of course, I’m equally joyous to chat wedding ideas as always, or location portrait shoots, but life doesn’t have to all be about work stuff, I also want to hear about daft banzai, full-bore crazy challenges you have on your eyes on. Maybe it’s a bucket list thing you really want to tick off, surprise me! Please.

I have a few plans of course, some personal, some business, some life, but I struggle with whether to write them in this form. A quick read of most wedding supplier websites and it’s all me, me, me, this is what I do, this is all about meeeee. I know mine is due a makeover as I’m guilty of this to some degree, and it’s on my to-do-list to rewrite my site copy to be more ‘you’ focussed. You are the stars of this show, not me. I’m simply there to record the moments and create memories for a future you to look back on. Sure, this needs some directing from me, but this is about you, not me. This is your love story, your moments, your memories. I’m a button presser, that’s all. Of course it’s more than simply pressing a button, but y’know what I’m getting at hopefully.

And yet I sit here, internally cringing at the thought of talking about my plans for the year. I’m a photographer. I should be boasting, talking about the great and marvellous me, how awesome I am and how amazing I can be for you. Ego bulls**t.

Can I do it?

I’m gonna do it. I am going to finish off this one with a few plans I have, well, planned.


MPA stuff. Let’s kick off with that. Board of Directors duties continue. We have a large photographic association to keep running with members to entertain, teach and cajole. I have interviews and content to create for the wedding hub within our community. Gosh that sounds dull doesn’t it. I may find time to go for a couple more higher qualifications. Not sure yet as that bit has slipped down my priority list lately, with other plans taking precedent.

SUCH stuff. Weddings continue as they are for this year, and in the background I plan my future direction. Kinda more akin to banging my head on my desk wondering how I can bring more, how I can evolve. I need to do something different with wedding photography, be different, evolve expectations. Create something unique, move boundaries. I dunno maaan, I haven’t quite grasped the essence of what I need to do, but I need to do something. I’m surrounded by photographers all doing the same thing, shouting the same message. In the words of Queen, I want to break free. Might step my location portraiture game up a level too.

Personal shizz…

Personal stuff. A ton of DIY/gardening to squeeze in. I seem to like a challenge! I also need to work on my coping skills, nail bigger ramps and my grinds suck. Kicked off 2022 by nailing an 8ft vert ramp, but I’ll practise the coping stuff on the smaller stuff for now! Being 6ft and standing atop an 8ft vert ramp, my eyeballs are witness to a 14ft wall to throw oneself down. RAD. Terrifying, but rad nonetheless. Baz Luhrmann advised doing something every day that scares you. I used to do this decades ago and my two Suchlings have discovered this awesomeness, so it’s family fun time. Some families go for walks in the woods, go for picnics, we hit up skateparks and street sessions. Oh and I seem to be a road marshal for street skates and teacher on Sunday afternoon.

It seems as I get older my life moves toward teaching and helping others both in my personal and business life. That’s a good thing though right?


I need another coffee. The voices have had enough of spilling out words. They wish to get back to their chit-chat.

So, hit me up with your own goals. Shock me. Inspire me. And watch movies, I like movies… a lot!