Halfway through the year

Oh so close…

We nearly made it. We nearly got there. We nearly had the return to ‘normality’… We had June wedding updates though.

On a positive note, unlimited attendees at ceremonies and receptions, albeit still in masks and socially distanced I’d imagine. Still no mooching about chatting amongst the guests with everyone having to be seated at tables of 6 and table service only, plus no evening dancing. Only another 4wks extra to wait I guess.

Oh well, could be worse, so we’ll take it… not that we have a choice eh!

I know I normally ping out these out at the beginning of each month, but life seemed on hold whilst we waited with bated breath for the announcement. Now we’ve had it, we can crack on…

So gang, what do we all think of the announcement? Are we happy life is moving forward, are we happy to be working from home a little while longer during this lovely summer weather (those that are that is)? Are we ready for all this sh*t to be over so life can be planned again? Have we all finished those DIY projects, drank too much coffee, eaten too many biscuits and failed to maintain fitness and weight?

Oh that last one is me… damn those biscuits! But they’re sooooo good.

Coffee still tastes like sh*t though.

And no I haven’t finished the DIY projects.

Is there anything to report?

I have shot a wedding recently, booked a stack of new weddings, chatted to some lovely couples, designed a couple of wedding albums, got more involved with the MPA (my photography association) with training/certification for other wedding ‘togs, have a couple of commercial photography jobs coming up, and have been thinking more on the the photography training side project. And eaten far too many ‘healthy’ snack bars. Muesli snack bars aren’t so healthy when you eat them by the half-dozen.

Don’t have a garage stash of treats when undertaking DIY projects. I’ve stopped buying them now. I have a problem it seems.

Urm, where was I…

I got labelled an ageing hippy the other day during one of my wedding roundtable Zoom groups. Of all things to moniker me with, an ageing hippy is not one of them. Yeah okay, I still have lockdown hair, but an ageing hippy? I’d take 80’s retro throwback, I’m down with that if they must throw labels about. Bloody ageing hippy hahaha…

Oh I did win Regional Location Wedding Photographer of the Year a couple of weeks ago. Oh yeah that happened. Got Merits, Finalists and overall category winner with a trophy and certificates to prove it. Yeah forgot about that one!

So I did have something to say it seems… another trophy, regional wedding ‘tog again, and upcoming news on this wedding certification I’m helping to create. This will be awarded bronze. silver or gold standard backed up by the MPA instead of me writing words for a change in the hope other believe me. I have to walk the walk and go for the certification as the first one to trial it… watch this space… how will I score?

Coffee has run out, I need food.

Until next time you wonderful lot, I need to go write words at my upcoming wedding couples before food and I’m getting hangry so I gotta fly…. can you fly Bobby?

For idle chit-chat about 80’s movies, drop me a line here… TTFN…

June wedding updates… pfffttt…