Caffeine-fuelled ramblings of a photographer

How is it May already?

Caffeine-fuelled ramblings of a photographer again!

Can anyone fill me in on this? It’s fricking May already, next month is halfway through this year. Like, how? I probably mention this in each one of my ramblings, but, seriously, how is it May?

True to form, I have a fresh cuppa next to me and I’m sitting here wondering what to write about. If you’re a regular reader of these mundane ramblings, you’ll not be surprised to read I haven’t planned what to write! ‘Nor do I have any idea yet what to waffle on about to bore you with on this sunny Bank Holiday Monday. I probably should apologise in advance just in case this goes nowhere today.

I do have some wonderfully relaxing stoner-rock playing in my headphones as I sit here making s**t up. Hoping an idea forms (or this coffee kicks in!) I’ve quickly jumped ship to quickly purchase some Sports Barista Coffee bags from this awesome local supplier (over on the IOW) as talking about coffee reminded me to purchase some after one of my best buds recommended it to me a while back. Super-strength coffee in a tea-bag for convenience. I’m interested to see (feel?) how electrified my brain gets on them!!

God, I’m old. Decades ago, 20something me would’ve been more interested in trying government-experiment-strength psychedelics and seeing what weird and strange photography would ensue. 40something me is excited about some strong coffee and sitting down to write. Jeeez, I wonder what the next decade holds; that warming feeling at 9pm knowing it’s time to go to bed with a mug of Horlicks? Oh well, it is what it is, and if getting excited about strong coffee is my life now, then so be it.

Is there any point in reading this I ask…

I wish I could give you all exciting photography-related news, but life in photography is a slow mover at the mo. Sarah is shooting in the studio finally, and I have wedding enquiries coming in again which is groovy. Shows that confidence is starting to filter back into folk’s lives again. I do remember mentioning location portraiture in last months ramblings, but April seems to have bugg**ed off sharpish; it’s May and I’ve not done anything about it [yet]. I have been doing stuff though; DIY projects slowly progressing, rebuilt my road bike and MTB bike, cracking on with behind-the-scenes office stuff. Oh and I bought some new gear and a couple of album designs underway. Y’know standard admin. stuff.

Oh, hang on, I do have some photography-related news. Nothing interesting to the person-in-the-street, but kool for me. The MPA (Master Photographers Association) with whom I’m a member, have asked me to step up and and join a wedding taskforce! Aaand to host a monthly podcast thingy for members. Oh maaan, that Sports Barista Coffee is totally going to get a road-test on those bad-boys! Aaaand I was asked to write an article for the MPA monthly magazine- Wedding Wisdom t’was the title and yup, I rambled on… they may need an edited version!!

The monthly podcast is a fun thing to be asked to host, and I hope to plan those a touch more than these monthly ramblings! i.e. actually have a plan, rather than sitting here hoping the coffee works magic as I do with these! The wedding taskforce thingy is rad though. I’m part of a trio of wedding specialists who are tasked with creating a certification in wedding photography, and to do our bit to improve our sector of the industry. All this has come off the back of a wedding photography podcast I did back during one of the lockdowns. Pretty rad stuff for me. Meaningless to everyone else out there hahaha. Oh well, I’m excited about it anyway!

Well, that was dull…

Aside from the wedding photographer stuff above, I am still planning on pushing the location portraiture again. The past year has given us all a different outlook on life (well, it has us anyway) so if this is something that tickles your interest, please do holler at me– it’ll give me the kick in the rear to start shouting about it again!! Beaches, woodland, urban setting are all epic backdrops, and ones we have an abundance of locally! Yeah, that sounds great doesn’t it? I’m not just talking about couple’s having ‘engagement shoots’ but I’m thinking families, extended families, friends even. It’s getting out there and creating memories again, after being forced apart for so long.

Anyway, I think I’m done for this months rambling. I literally have exhausted my brain for words. I’m gonna go and grunt at Sarah and chuck another coat of stain on the porch… rock’n’roll eh….

Caffeine-fuelled ramblings of a photographer has literally wasted 5mins of your life again! Whoops!