April Awesomeness

April has landed.

I woke up this morning intending on writing about Spring being here, the lighter evenings being awesome now we’re in April, Sarah and I being allowed to shoot location portraits again (finally!) and the general all-round good feeling with certain restrictions slowly starting to ease.

But hot-cross buns have hijacked my morning.

I like hot-cross buns, so this is not a problem. I eat hot-cross buns all year round. I’ve just eaten two hot-cross buns with a coffee for breakfast, and I’m thinking two wasn’t enough…


I’ve had another two and a fresh coffee is at my side. Who knows where this will end up today! If you read my ramblings on occasion, you know my coffee-tangents are a legit thing. Hot-crossed buns have derailed todays idea on writing about Spring!

In my defence, Sarah did return from the shops yesterday with four packs of hot-cross buns. There were 24 of the delicious lil’buggers sat patiently on the kitchen side awaiting my fervent attention. Heck, it’s Easter Weekend, I’m totally gonna go hog-wild on them.

Jeez, has it really come to this? Do I not have anything else going on in my life? Am I seriously sitting here writing about hot-cross buns? I’ve just counted and I have mentioned them eight times already!

Eight times!

Right, moving along swiftly in a desperate attempt to find another tangent to talk about today…

Hey, how rad is it now the clocks have changed. With lighter evenings, neighbours drawing back curtains after winter hibernation, learning to talk to each other again. We’re trying desperately hard to relearn social-interaction skills after months of being locked in darkened rooms binging series on Netflix and avoiding phone calls.

The smell of spring is in the air and the thought of seeing friends and loved ones again is putting smiles on faces. Surely everyone’s mood is starting to lift now we have a glimmer of hope ahead of us and the warmer days to look forward to?

It has been a trying time for many, isolated from friends, loved ones and families. Sod missing holidays and being inconvenienced by not being able to have your hair cut, or being able to enjoy a Latte after a swim at your local gym. And god-forbid that basic human right of having a few pints at the pub followed by a ruby. This past year has [hopefully] given a change of perspective on the more important things in life.

Slow down.

Take a deep breath.

Calm your zen.

Spend time with those important to you.

Appreciate what you have.

Ignore the bulls**t on social media.

Heavy stuff maaan…

Maaaan, that went from light-hearted to serious quickly!! And I’ve forgotten my point after stepping away for 5mins to scoff another pair of hot-cross buns. Where was I going with the heavy stuff? I started to talk about important stuff and life, got heavy, stepped away and lost my train of thought whilst stuffing hot-cross buns into my face.

Anyway, the evenings are lighter, I’m feeling moods starting to lift in folk, and we can start to see the important people in our lives again soon. Bring on the warmer weather, smiles on faces and relearning social skills to interact with other humans.

I need another coffee, so I’m going to sign off and crack on with my next task. Apologies for not finding a point with todays ramblings. I was going to talk about Sarah and I being allowed to shoot outdoor portraits now and getting some of you lot out there to celebrate restrictions easing by having some kool memories captured together after being distanced for so long. However, I realised that could be misinterpreted as a callous plug for business instead of a meaningful celebration after a year of life on hold, and hot-cross buns dominated my morning instead.

I may ponder the above and get back to you on the location portrait stuff. It would be great to pick up a camera again and shoot some awesome April location portraits stuff now the weather is improving. Y’know I’m all about memories, and the past year has certainly been a weird one. Getting into the great outdoors together would be quite the epic thing now I think about it. Yeah, actually I think it would. We’ve all been separated for so long, life has been on hold, I think it would be a great thing to do.

Move along now…

Anyway, a plug for business is not what this is about; these are simply the ramblings of a caffeine-addict, but should the idea of a location shoot tickle your interest, then by all means holler back at me.

I really am going to sign off now, and I may well think about awesome April location portraits over the next few days. If I come up with any ideas, I’ll ping another one of these out- a short’n’sweet one though, not a rambling non-sensical thing like this!

Apologies again, for not having a direction to talk about, I winged it completely… have a rad day…

*update: there are only 18 hot-cross buns remaining.