Marching on

Marching on.

March, Spring, Lockdown, 2021… Dear Diary, what is going on…

Yes I’ve been on the coffee again this morning and guess what? Time for another of whatever these are.

It’s March.

I’m not normally one to wish away the months, but I’m happy we’re in March now. Daffs adorn the roadsides and gardens, cherry blossom is popping out and the smell of impending spring is in the air. Dare I say we’ll be able to mow our lawns soon?

I say ‘we’ but I don’t dig gardening (get it? *groan*) but I can speak for Sarah on this, she is looking forward to getting out in the garden. I enjoy the fruits of her labour- the smell of freshly cut grass, me not having to do it, all the benefits of having a garden and none of the drawbacks/inconveniences of having to maintain one.

Yeah sure, she comes at me with ideas that I get roped into, stuff that needs making for projects, but I don’t mind that. I do the heavy lifting and stuff with power tools, she does the rest. Teamwork innit…

Couple the weather improving, with lighter evenings and light at the end of the tunnel with the inconvenience we’ve been living with for the past year, and yeah, I’m glad we’re in March already.

We still have a cr*p load of stuff to tick off at home, and business stuff to work on, but I reckon it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to getting back on with life in a semi-normal way right? The simple things like a pint in a pub garden with a couple of friends, eating dinner somewhere else, seeing family and friends, a break away somewhere other than your own four walls, even just being able to think and plan stuff will be a treat.

Groundhog Day

We’re been living Groundhog Day for a while now so an escape plan will be good.

Question: what is the first thing that pops into your head that you are looking forward to doing once restrictions are lifted?

Will this past year have changed us? Will we have a tweaked outlook on life and values? Has the slower pace of life (not for everyone reading this I know) changed us in any way? Will we return to the rat-race full bore, intent on world domination or will the simpler things in life resonate more within us?

I’m curious as to how this year will pan out. Yes, weddings will return, holidays will happen at some point, work (for us) will slowly return. Sarah will be busy in the studio, I’ll be outdoors shooting people with family and couple location portrait shoots and the occasional wedding for good measure. And I hope everyone will have a greater appreciation for life and loved ones after what we’ve been through, instead of resorting to the social-default of rat-race stresses of 9-5 work-life and consumerism.

Woah, I got heavy there man!

Anyway, my waffling time is up today. I need to finish my coffee, make Sarah and I some breakfast and both head over to the studio. Today Sarah is starting to build a new scene in one of her studios ready for when she is allowed to open. Exciting stuff for her. I on the other hand, will be returning home to fiddle with bikes in the garage. The sun is shining and I’m happy fiddling with bikes listening to the radio on a day like today. Work can wait another day.

Be RAD you lot, stay safe, stay sane and don’t talk to strangers.

March, Spring, Lockdown, 2021… Dear Diary, I still have no idea…