February begins

Spring we need you!

February begins, although still in lockdown 2021. We made it through the first 8731 days of January alive (hopefully).

Everyone says how long January seems, but I thought it flew quite quickly. February already. Blimey.

What’s new? Anything? Anything at all?

Any gossip to break up the monotony of Groundhog Day for the umpteenth time? I’m sat here in the office on a gloomy Tuesday afternoon, drinking a coffee and wondering whether to finish off a wedding album design that came in unexpectedly the other day, or put that task off until tomorrow (I edit better in the mornings!) Or do I resort myself to pulling down the porch ceiling that sprung a leak and deposited plasterboard everywhere over the weekend? Maybe give my bike yet another clean after yet another horrible day in the saddle in horrible weather…

Bring on the joys of spring I say. This lockdown in winter is bullsh*t I tell ya… summer was rampant for gardening and DIY, this one sucks.

Yeah man, rock’n’roll lifestyle of the tired and unfamous. Lockdown is tiring isn’t it. If you’re anything like me (and hopefully for the sake/sanity of your loved one, you’re not) then this lockdown malarkey is getting rather tiresome.

Don’t get me wrong, lockdown is totally rad is many ways, but we just want to know what is going on right? Life has been on hold for nearly a year now, and the promise of normality has been dangled in front of us too many times to believe we’ll all wake up tomorrow and everything will return to normal.

The boy who cried wolf springs to mind.

I do have every faith things will return to normal, no one knows just when this will be yet. We’re all waiting with bated breath for the announcement of restrictions being eased and a pathway mapped ahead of us so we can start planning and living again.

So, for now, we hang tight, keep busy in the background, carry on regardless in the most British of ways and keep positive. Yes, very much keeping positive.

Oh, and smiling like a lunatic always helps… even if to keep others away from you for the time being until safe to no longer go for walks carrying a 6ft sword/stick/axe/umbrella/baguette/joust for social distancing protocol.

Today I’m at it again it seems.

As you may have gathered, or because you know my style, I have drunk too much coffee again today and decided in a flash of caffeine-wisdom that it’s time I pinged out another email ranting about nothing.

Okay, okay, I’m procrastinating from having to address the porch roof issues. I’m also putting off going for a run or a bike ride as I’m feeling lazy today and have scoffed a pack of Maltesers as I sit here. I do dig finding out gossip from you lot and staying in touch though!

Januarys mini-rant (Hold my Beer) was a spur-of-the-moment decision and no one threw a brick through the office window in protest at having two minutes of their lives wasted by reading it, so my vibrating coffee brain thinks it’s a good time to ping another out. Don’t blame me, I’m quite happy to sit here procrastinating, but the coffee says otherwise.

Stay away from coffee kids. It leads you down a dangerous path. One day, you’re enjoying a Starbucks Latte with a gingerbread shot whilst out shopping (haha d’ya remember that distant memory from another lifetime) and before you know it you’ll be a six pints a day addict, unable to function without it. Even the simplest task requires putting the kettle on first. And the biscuits…. oh maaaan, the biscuit consumption that comes with it… that’s an addiction all on its own.

Urm… not sure where that came from, damn my internal monolog taking over…

Move along now…

Keep smiling, stay positive and holler with any gossip you have. Anything to keep me procrastinating from having to sort the porch roof. Lie if you have no gossip, just make some sh*t up. Actually, that sounds much more fun. Just make up some wild bullsh*t story about anything.

Jeeeezus, has it really come down to this, I must get out more… “pass me my walking joust love, I’m being weird again on the internet and need to get out…”

February begins, lockdown 2021, let’s make it through this month before we get cocky! Answers on a postcard here