Planting 50 trees Strava Challenge

Best get moving then

The MPA are planting 50 trees for each member who completes the Strava Challenge. Walk, jog, run, or cycle 5k every day for 50 days.

Sign us up I said.

Their target was 50 members. They have 59 of us signed up. Theoretically this means the MPA will plant 2950 trees if everyone completes the challenge. Nice touch.

Get fit, lose a bit of Christmas/Lockdown chub and plant some trees. What’s not to like eh?

Are we doing our share and getting out for 5k everyday? Of course we are! And we’re going one step further with long weekend walks, Sarah off out on her own for long walks with audiobooks in her ears, me out running and cycling, walking the dog together… bloody competitiveness with the pair of us. Not with each other, just to go one step further.

It’s good to catch up with podcasts whilst running and cycling, and Sarah is enjoying the audiobooks, plus getting fitter is only a good thing. especially as 2020 was rather sedate for us, and the start of this year isn’t looking too sexy either.

Get fit, lose a bit of Christmas/Lockdown chub and plant some trees.

I haven’t run for over year, haven’t ridden a bike since July 2018… oh well, a good excuse to get out moving again instead of being glued to my office chair. So far all is good. 10 days in. Jeez…

MPA planting 50 trees Strava challenge. Let’s get to the end at least! Who knows if I’ll keep going with this level of intensity after the 50 days is up. Probably not, as I’m hoping to be actually working at some point again this year!

Drop me a line here if you’re soooo bored you’d like to hear how the training is going, or what my personal target is. I’m not expecting anyone to be that bored though haha…