Hold My Beer

Happy Saturday!

Hold my beer yells 2021…

We made it through the first week.

The first week of 2021 has been crazy hasn’t it? We thought 2020 was mental enough. Yet 2021 is proudly shouting, ”hold my beer” whilst sticking a middle finger up to us all.

With all this wild sh*t happening around us, I do sometimes wonder if we’re living in a simulation! Elon Musk gives us odds on it and that dude is weirdly super-intelligent. Who am I to argue, it’s bonkers out there!

Just when you think the news is about as bad as it can get, especially when it’s all UK-based with hardly a mention of anything else globally, Jay Kay from Jamiroquai rocks up to lead an assault on the US Capitol Building, we have 3 volcanoes currently bubbling away, and of course all the covid stuff as expected.

Keep smiling though, don’t doom-scroll through social media, don’t dwell on the news, don’t listen to the arm-chair experts on Facebook angrily shouting into the abyss. Do go get some fresh air, speak to loved ones, Facetime an old person, bake a cake, eat biscuits, shave all your hair off (just checking you’re still reading!) Obviously don’t talk to strangers, don’t lick windows, look both ways when crossing the road, be kind to your knees (you’ll miss them when they’re gone) and wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience. But trust me on the sunscreen.


Anyway, I thought I’d start off my year drinking too much coffee again. When that happens, I tend to write waffling nonsense and subject unwilling reader to it. And here you are, being subjected to a 4pint rambling. Yes, 4 pints of coffee deep here and my brain is vibrating. Urm.. where was I…

Oh yeah! Starting off my year saying hello. I hope all is as groovy as it can be, hoping you are all well, and you’re still smiling out there. It’s been a weird-ass journey so far. We have a bit more to get through, but don’t doom-scroll and do wear sunscreen.

Right, I’m off to buy a Guy Fawkes mask on Amazon and watch V for Vendetta… viva la revolution… oh no hang on, wrong group…

Right, I’m off to drink more coffee and scoff too many biscuits… that’s better. Phew, nearly sent the wrong message there.

Keep smiling and viva la revolution 😃




Hold my beer yells 2021 was brought to you by the letter ‘V’ and the number ‘coffee’