Lockdown 3

The Trilogy

Lockdown 3: The Rise of the Resistance… life and wedding photography!

The UK wakes up today (if you didn’t watch Boris’ announcement yesterday evening) in another lockdown.

Tier 5.

It was expected, but each one hits a little harder doesn’t it. I’m not talking about financial hardship, but head-trash stuff. Each lockdown announcement gets the voices chattering inside our heads a little more, feverishly plaguing us with doubt and hopeful resolution to weather another storm.

There’s an old saying, ‘a calm sea never made a good sailor’ and our sea legs are certainly being tested aren’t they!

The first lockdown had a surreal feeling to it; warm, sunny days, doorstep camaraderie, and a positive outlook with everything expected to return to normal within a few weeks. Politicians spun our second lockdown as a temporary circuit-breaker to save Christmas, and this latest one is a Tier 5 emergency. Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown.

Don’t let the negative voices win, don’t distract yourself with social media. Facebook armchair experts will only spout catatrophising prophecies from a friend of theirs who knows an expert who was told blah blah blah.

Ignore them.

Keep yourself occupied as you hopefully did last time. Keep smiling, get some fresh air, learn new stuff, tick things off. You’ve all heard this preaching stuff many times now, but this third lockdown has hit hard hasn’t it, with soaring cases and the NHS close to breaking point, the news pressing doom and gloom into our minds constantly.

Watch or listen to the news and you’ll not hear much about anything else going on in the world. Everything is aimed at the apparent catastrophe we are living with.

Yes it is really bad out there. You should be aware of the dangers. Yes you should still keep smiling, get fresh air and tick stuff off. Don’t dwell on the cr*p, embrace the time.

We’ll all look back on these times, fully aware we could’ve achieved more, but don’t be too hard on yourselves. We humans are inherently lazy. It’s in our nature to choose the easy path. Picking up your device to surf Facebook as a distraction from the task in hand is something we’re all familiar with.

As Jocko Willink rightly says, “Discipline gives you freedom”

The discipline to get up out of your chair and do something, tick something off, whatever it may be, gives you freedom. Whether that freedom is time off later in the day, kicking back relaxed as you know you’ve achieved something, or freedom financially because you learnt something new or ticked something off. However you think of freedom, making yourself do something you’re procrastinating against and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is a wonderful antidote to the head-trash of another lockdown.

I’m a wedding photographer. The wedding industry has taken a serious battering. We’re not an essential business, we’re more of a luxury. Have I diversified? Not really, I’m still a wedding photographer, I’m just ticking stuff off whilst I wait for the industry gears to slowly start turning again. This doesn’t mean I’ve sat around moaning about it, far from it. I’ve learnt new stuff, ticked off a truck load of website tweaks, nailed some DIY. Yes I’ve moaned, we all have, but I’ve kept positive and had the discipline to crack on, albeit at a slower pace than the usual frenzy of a wedding season.

I know I’ll look back knowing I could’ve achieved more, but I’m kool with what I’ve done. It’s not often in mid-life one has the luxury of time, especially surrounded by loved ones as well. From that perspective it’s been amazing, I loved it.

Concentrate on the positives, switch off social media as much as possible, keep striving, stay healthy and make yourself busy with something. Be as rad as you can be.

Life is short.

We’re reminded of mortality on a daily basis. The news this morning showed a picture of a Mum and daughter in ICU together. Mum didn’t leave. It hits hard.

Stay positive (jeez I’m sounding like a politician here haha) and stay safe and keep busy. Drop a message here’n’there to a friend, spend a few minutes facetiming a relative, spread some positivity, stop spouting bullsh*t on Facebook, cease moaning on social media.

So, there’s my caffeine-fuelled ramblings of today. Lockdown 3 and wedding photography don’t mix. But I’m chill with that. It’ll return and awesomeness will commence again.

Until next time you wonderful lot…

P.S. I bemoan social media for all its negativity, but it is really useful. If y’wanna chat wonderful weddingy stuff as a distraction from the grimness out there, drop me a DM here, or if you’re feeling official you can holler here… peace.