If we make it through December

Positive vibes man

If we make it through December… I’m not catastrophising here, it’s a Merle Haggard track! It’s just rather poignant after such an odd year!

2020 has certainly been a testing year for pretty much everyone in some way. There have been worrying times, but equally there have been wonderful times too. Time spent with loved ones being top of my list. Yes, I’ve ticked off stuff I thought I’d never get around too, and achieved stuff this year, which is great. But it’s the slower pace of life with time to spend with loved ones which has been the stand out memory for me.

And this stuff is important.

I’m not going to wax on about positivity vibes here, I just wanted to sign off for the year and reflect on the good things 2020 have brought. Dwelling on the bad sh*t never does one any good.

2020 you have been sh*t, but great memories are still there and that’s what I’ll look back upon.

So, thank you 2020 for giving me time to chill with my family, time to slow my head from the rat-race, and take a break from a hectic life. From that perspective, 2020 has been rad.

Here’s to 2021 not saying ‘hold my beer’ to 2020!

If we make it through December, go have a great festive period and be excellent to each other…

If we make it through December
Standard misery country music