Life moves pretty fast

Life moves pretty fast

Writing word are hard man! I’ve written tons of copy this year instead of shooting people; doing behind the scenes stuff and improving things. Stuff that needs doing fo’sho, but man I thought I’d be better at the writing bit. I guess, like most things in life, it takes practice and learning. As Stephen King (my fave fiction author) once advised, the best way to get better at writing is to read and write a lot. But life moves pretty fast and I don’t read enough, but I’ve read a lot in my life, so thought it would be easier.

But that’s what coffee is for right? Awaken the brain cells from their slumber, stare at a blank screen, fingers poised over the keyboard, waiting for the moment when words tumble out of the mind-fog. That’s the plan, but it’s not a reliable method. Often, my mind remains blank, no words appear, fingers do no typing, the temptation of YouTube or Facebook is strong. I must resist. More coffee, that’s the answer. And so it repeats.

Seth Godin writes a blog post every day. Every day! And they are decent blog posts too, not mind-numbing sh*t like this. Bill Gates takes days off, wanders along to his reading shack armed with books and a notepad, and soaks up information. He doesn’t write books but educates himself. Roald Dahl had a writing shed he’d isolate himself in. Each morning he’d carry his flask of tea down to the shed, void of distractions, and write for hours. Stephen King reads constantly, even at the dinner table, and writes every day when deep into a project.

It’s a dark art indeed, one without a recipe book or a map on how to do it. Writing is a skill, and I doth my cap to wordsmiths who do this successfully.

I didn’t learn photography [properly] overnight, and writing is another creative avenue that takes a while before improvements are seen. I tell ya something though, I do bloody love writing, and the idea of writing something properly appeals to me, I just don’t have anything interesting to write about. It’s been years since I’ve read fiction novels and the stuff I read these days is mainly non-fiction information, self-bettering, better business, psychology style books. Not the most captivating of reads. I should make the effort to find time and start/finish a fiction novel. Heck, I have loads of books I’ve not yet read and I have the time, so no excuses can be made.

If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s the importance of time. The slower pace of life this year has been wonderful. I’ve spent time with loved ones, walked loads, caught up with behind the scenes stuff, sorted qualifications, DIY stuff, all to-do-list items I feared would never reach the top of the priority list. It’s been great from that perspective. Yes, we’ll all be paying for this for a few years, but maaan it’s been liberating, freed from the chains of shooting and editing for days on end with long stints in front of a screen.

I’ve not read enough though. Too much time on the sofa staring at a TV screen instead. Television is a creative killer, it’s a distraction from the now, a crutch to transport one away from being present. It is a drug; we succumb to its lure, the ease of the distraction. It’s all too easy to plonk down on the sofa, grab a remote, and flick through Netflix or YouTube, whiling away the hours until it’s bedtime. It numbs our brain, does us no good, yet most of us spend hours of our lives sat down in front of it. It’s not quality time spent together either. Sat on the sofa for a few hours each evening is no substitute for a walk or a board game around the table.

Television: the drug of the nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation.

I cannot take credit for the above, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy released this, their hit track, way back in 1992. I guess it still rings true nowadays, although one could also add in the monumental daily time waster of Internet.

Social media: the new drug of the nation, breeding ignorance and making people feel they need validation.

Luckily, I’m not constantly glued to a device. Sarah and I aren’t sitting on separate sofas, flicking through meaningless bullsh*t on iPads with Netflix on in the background, or even worse terrestrial mainstream TV reality sh*t, every evening. Jeeez, that would be dreadful. Add in dinner on a tray, eating on the sofa, glued to device, and hey presto, your life is flying by without you noticing.

We all should make an effort to be in the present. Not dwell on the past too much, that has gone forever. Don’t dwell too much in the future or you’ll not accomplish stuff now. But present. Tricky to do; it’s not easy with our tech luring us down the easy path to seemingly satisfaction. But without discipline we have no freedom. Discipline gives us freedom. The discipline to live more in the moment, to get outdoors for a walk, to eat healthier, to spend real time together with loved ones, to read a book.

And that’s us back to books. Will I ever write one? I do not know. I like the idea, but perhaps I don’t have it in me. Today is Tuesday 15th December 2020. What will I have achieved by this time next year or the year after? What will you have achieved? Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Save Ferris… over and out.