‘small’ or ‘intimate’ wedding?

Which do you prefer?

Did our usual wedding photography thing earlier this year in sunny Hampshire, and wondered, do we prefer the term small or intimate when it comes to close family/friends only on the guest list? I personally prefer the term ‘intimate’ over calling a wedding ‘small’ and don’t get me started on labelling them COVID weddings- that sounds insulting.

Intimate wedding evokes feel-good emotions, happiness and smiles. Small wedding shouts ‘done on the cheap and last minute with minimal planning’ and COVID wedding has no romance or emotion attached to the term. COVID wedding is a statement about something that happened during the global pandemic of 2020, rather than a memory of a wonderful day with a very select bunch of loved family and friends.

Intimate weddings are soooo 2020…

I’m glad we got that sorted, I feel better now.

Anyway, I digress as usual. I’m not feeling the usual caffeine surge, so who knows where this will lead. Maybe I’ll bullet point, or maybe the tired and lazy git trapped in me will write, “Here’s some images. Fab day. Check ’em out and holler if you like this kind of thing..”

I’ll go grab another coffee… brb…

Here’s a few of their memories, scroll through if y’can be bothered… meh…

Only kidding, I’m not that lazy!

Intimate wedding topic aside, this really was intimate wedding personified. 15 guests for the church. Another 15 waiting outside. 30 guests in total crossed the road for a garden party. Socially distanced, completely responsible. Masks on faces, no alcohol served (I may have fibbed about the no alcohol!)

Literally the other side of the road from the church. Auntie’s house and garden comes to the rescue. Plus a 10min walk from here (5min drive as still loaded with gear) and a gloriously warm sunny day. Garden party with barbecue and immediate family. What’s not to like?

I think the pictures will tell their story better than my ramblings, so here’s a few memories of that epic day earlier this year. The warm sunny weather is but a distant memory, but these memories will last a lifetime…


collection of photographs showing girl in dress
Bit overdressed for a family barbecue!
collection of photographs of men in suits
so much effort put in for a family get together!
collection of photographs showing people drinking
meeting at a pub is legal. Otherwise you’re not allowed… cheers COVID
collection of photographs with bridal party in a Jeep
Jeeps ahoy
collection of photographs showing wedding in a church
masks ahoy
collection of photographs showing wedding in a church
no singing allowed
collection of photographs showing a marquee for a wedding
fancy garden party then
collection of photographs showing people chatting outside together
Took me ages to photoshop all the masks out
collection of photographs showing people sitting down in a marquee
emotional stuff
bride and groom together in trees and bushes
voyeurism probably
bride and groom together in trees and bushes
full of cobwebs and rusty crap but looks good from certain angles
bride and groom together in trees and bushes
Urm.. yeah.. this is them.
bride and groom together in trees and bushes
more of them!
bride and groom together in trees and bushes
train spotting
collection of photographs showing guests at a wedding dancing
definitely no alcohol, no singing, and everyone wearing masks and socially distanced.
collection of photographs of a garden at sunset
Arthur Brown is crazy y’know

Y’see, we do shoot intimate weddings as well as the large numbers of a lavish affair. And still an all-day story too, doesn’t have to be a 2hr ceremony shoot only just because of the restrictions on numbers. So, yeah, if you’d like to hear more, and more importantly, chat ideas about your day (it’s your day after all, not mine) then drop me a line here. Alternatively, go and check out the stuff in here and message me for a chat. It doesn’t only have to be about a small or intimate wedding in Hampshire, we do our photography thing all over.