C-19 update

The continuing adventures of a wedding photographer in a land of no weddings.

Life with a wedding photographer during lockdown.

Todays ramblings are brought to you by the letter C and the number 19…. C is for coffee and 19 for the number of coffees I consume daily to function in a world devoid of deadlines.

We’ve all had enough of COVID woes, lockdowns, daily news misery, endless rants on Facebook, everyone seemingly shouting into the abyss. The daily freedom to wallow in the echo chambers of social media is unhealthy. It’s not good for us. And yes, the irony of rambling into a blog post on social media isn’t lost on me. I guess I find it cathartic in some way, an outlet for the inane ideas swirling around in my head. Saves me talking to myself I suppose.

This lockdown feels different though.

The first UK lockdown brought communities together, clapping on doorsteps every Thursday evening, the occasional street party, socially distanced camaraderie. It was a dose of feel-good amongst the dire of the rising mortality rate sweeping across our lands.

We seem to be more insular this time around, locking ourselves away, shying from our neighbours. No clapping on doorsteps, no Captain Tom to cheer. I feel a distinct lack of optimism in the air. The warm glow of summer has departed, the fleeting tones of autumn replaced with dreary grey drizzle and pessimism as we thousand yard stare into the unknown darkness ahead.

But life is good

It all depends on your viewpoint.

I had a Zoom catch-up the other evening with one of our wonderful wedding couples. It was a chat packed with positivity. We chatted about wedding ideas, planned fun stuff, and more importantly chatted about what we’ve been achieving personally. They’ve both learnt new skills, devoured YouTube videos, taught themselves things they wouldn’t have found time to get around to. They appreciated the time spent together and being able to hone their new-found skills.

The next day, I emailed all of our 2021 wedding couples, preaching the same message of positivity. I don’t expect a reply; I do it so our couples know I’m here for a chat any time they wish to escape mundane Groundhog Day routines. It’s good to chat about happy stuff. Distract yourself from the shite out there, go and do something. Learn something, start a project you’ve always thought about ticking off. It’s not too late.

We’ve ticked off to-do-list items this year, things we would’ve struggled to find time for in a ‘normal’ year. An excellent feeling of accomplishment. It’s been a year of personal projects and business related achievements and still no sign of slowing. We still have things to do, projects to complete. Actual progress, not just keeping busy for the sake of being busy.

We’ve no idea what will be happening in the world of weddings next year, but being gloomy about something we know nothing of solves nothing. Stay upbeat, remain positive, plan for the best.

And most of all

Be excellent to each other…

That’s my message for today.

If you want to be distracted from your Groundhog Day routines, chat a bunch of tangenated bullsh*t with a rambling caffeine addict then drop me a line. You can find me here or drop me an email or throw me a message on FB… oh the mundane ramblings of a wedding photographer during lockdown. You must really be bored to read this far, but thank you haha…