The day the photographer melted

I melted

The portrait photography shoot in Portsmouth, Hampshire were I melted. It was the hottest day of the year. It was late afternoon. I still melted.

This is another of our wedding couples who love photographs and memories and wished to have a shoot to capture a moment along their life journey together. Becky & Stephen live local to us and we discussed using their wedding venue Tithe Barn for the shoot. We chatted together and decided unanimously to save TB for the wedding day next year. Decided upon a local dogging spot close to home on Portsdown Hill, a location Sarah and I know well.

Probably best to explain that last sentence.

Sarah and I often take Archie, our savage guard beast, out for strolls on Portsdown Hill. We live on the slopes of Portsdown Hill, close to Fort Purbrook, so it’s out our front door, up and along. Sometimes we’ll jump in car, park up by Fort Widley and loop from there. Being photographers, our oddball conversations often turn to light aesthetics, how one would use certain spots to shoot in, long grasses to shoot through, meadows of flowers for a natural prop, backdrops that could be used for outdoor portraits, blah, blah, etc.

We chose the Fort Widley loop for Becky & Stephen’s shoot, as Sarah and I often comment on how fab it would be to shoot there. It also happens to be well known locally for dogging activities. Best avoided at night probably then!

Becky and Stephen love the outdoors, walk/hike often, and particularly love the countryside vibe. The Fort Widley loop suited, was local for all, the weather was sunny and we chose later in the day for longer shadows and cooler temperatures.

What we ended up choosing was the hottest day of the year. Probably the hottest day since the Permian-Triassic extinction era when everything was balls-deep in lava.

Warm then?

Yup. I leak when shooting in the winter, let alone on the hottest day of the year! Even in shorts and t-shirt, outdoors on a hill with a breeze, I leaked like a sieve. Becky and Stephen kept it together, strolled together hand-in-hand with smiles on their faces and made the shooting side of things easy for me.

Moist memories…

couple sitting in long grass
Stephen & Becky
couple leaning against wooden fence
couple walking along path with long grass
couple walking
couple standing in long grass
in a meadow
couple standing in long grass
more meadow stuff
couple standing in long grass
yup, still here
couple sitting in long grass
watching out for snakes
couple kissing
entrance to dogging spot (apparently)
couple sitting in long grass
first flower picked
couple looking out over city view
“I can see our house from here”
couple kissing
back here again

So if you fancy having some memories captured along your life journey, holler at me here for chat about a portrait photography shoot around the Portsmouth area or anywhere in Hampshire come to think of it. Or West Sussex actually. Maybe Surrey if I fancy a drive. Heck, I’ve driven further afield for a portrait shoot before. Holler at me…