Portrait shoot on Hayling Island

Covid, Cake & Corona

A portrait photography shoot on Hayling Island beach instead of their wedding. COVID messed up their plans.

This was supposed to be their wedding day, so we packed cake and Corona and headed to Hayling beach for some memories instead. We’re still shooting their wedding next year, and this was for memories of their journey, hicups’n’all.

Their wedding venue is going to be Tournerbury Woods, so we kept with the Hayling theme. Plus it’s close to home for me and I know the island well from growing up over their staying with my Grandparents who were islanders. They used to live (at one point) behind Tournerbury Woods and my Grandfather knew the farmer who owned the land at the time and we regularly walked through the woods.

I digress… back to beach stuff

An excellently secluded spot was found, away from curious eyes and onlookers. The weather was perfect, not too sunny, not too hot. Perfect for a wedding day too, but alas not this year.

So I shot them on the beach, dragged them into a cornfield afterwards on the drive home, shot them again just to be sure and went home. Got paid. Job done.

If you fancy paying me some money to shoot someone close to you, drop me a line here and we can chat ideas of where and how would be best. I’m a professional.

Here is the evidence…

couple in corn field
couple on sandy beach
and relax
couple kissing on sandy beach
no one is looking
couple kissing wearing masks
couple kissing wearing masks
get closer, you’re safe in a mask
couple sitting in long grass
found this rad spot
couple standing together with long grass and blue sky
blue skies
couple kissing in a cornfield
couple in cornfield
Spinnaker Tower in the background was their first date

There y’go, another portrait photography shoot on Hayling Island beach followed by a cornfield for good measure.