MPA Portrait category winner

MPA Portrait Category Winner.

Sarah wins the regional MPA portrait category!

Another post today following on from yesterdays; MPA Portrait category winner this time. Yesterday was weddings, today is portraiture.

Not me this time though.

Sarah won the U&C Child Photographer Photographer of the Year in the regionals recently with a stunning set of images. She scored two merits and overall category winner.

You can read my dull post from yesterday if you’re interested in how images are scored and what constitutes a merit award.

You can check out her amazing work here by clicking HERE… or ask me for her details here

Anyway congratulation for a well-deserved award…

girl portrait winner

merit baby portrait winner

merit baby portrait winner

Master Photographers Association category winner… B O O M.

*edit, I really should add scoring a Merit in a ‘proper’ competition such as those held by the MPA (Master Photographers Association) really is frickin’ hard and winning a category is waaay harder! One has to be at the top of one’s game to score even a Merit, category winning is bloody outstanding. Everything is taken into consideration… anyway, thought I should add that lil’edit in.

Oh and whilst I’m here on the edit, although Sarah won Child Photographer of the Year, she also specialises in newborns, kids, families and pets… just saying.