MPA Regional competition winner

MPA Regional competition winner!

So what is an MPA Regional competition winner you ask?

Well, the MPA (Masters Photographers Association) is one of the two main Photographic bodies in the UK. And like any respectable national and international association it has regions. We are in the South Central region and prior to the national annual competition, they hold the regionals as a warm up. Last year I walked away with the ‘U&C Wedding Photographer of the Year 2019’ in the nationals, which was rather surprising as I’d only just joined the MPA.

I’m a slacker when it comes to cracking on with certain ‘not top of my priority list’ tasks. I still haven’t sorted our my ‘letters’ properly. Those letters that ‘togs have after their names (L, A & F) which incidentally is on my to-do-list for this month and something I am working on this week actually.

Anyway, I digress…

So, because of the slacker and still not sorting my letters out, I can only enter the ‘Up & Coming’ category for now, so I did.

I scored SIX merits and won the Wedding category (again).

It’s a point-based system on the judging with each image initially having 100 points and then points are deducted for various reasons. I won’t bore you with those reasons here. A merit is any image that scores 80+ and then the highest scoring images are entered into the finals and a winner is chosen.

This post is definitely up there with the dullest posts of all time. Thankfully the memories I shoot are more interesting…

young couple standing together in a stately home corridor

bride and bridesmaids in stately home corridor

bride and groom looking out of window

bride and groom laughing in front of a hedge


bride and groom at night indoors with reflection

bride and groom in hotel corridor at night

bride looking up indoors at night

MPA merit winners certificate

MPA category winner certificate

So there you go… MPA Regional competition winner… yawn…

If by some miracle this actually interests you, holler at me here, and I’ll try my hardest to be even more dull.. 🙂