Another MPA Certification

More MPA credentials added today…

I have been awarded another MPA Certification. Well two more actually. This time is under the banner of Business Excellence rather than for photography.

I’ve also found out that I can go for ‘letters’ with a business qualification as well as for photography. I can be properly qualified in both aspects, which should be rather reassuring for prospective couples if I can word it appropriately.

As with any photography qualification through the MPA (Master Photographers Association) the Business Excellence qualifications are not easy to pass. I have to go through a rigorous examination of my submission and have to hit very high standards in all aspects.

It’s the same with the photography, so nothing new to me here and proves my calibre of professional photographer status which can only be a good thing.

Oh I do like a challenge!

First step to conquer before I start my Business Excellence qualification is to become Certified (same as I did with photography last year) to prove I’m at a certain level of professionalism already.

Good news. I passed Business Foundation AND Customer Experience in one hit! Saves me having to sort those separately, so I’m now Certified and ready to go for my Business Excellence qualification AND photography qualification at the same time.

June is going to be a busy month. Oh well, no weddings to shoot, so now is the time to go for it!

SUCH Business Excellence certified MPA


So, not just another MPA Certification, but two more. Go me…