Here we go then

Wedding meltdown as COVID-19 hits UK

Wedding meltdown as COVID-19 hits UK… and we start a 3wk lockdown. Here we go then!

The past couple of weeks have been surreal to say the least with the uncertainty. Life seems normal over here for now, yet has exploded on mainland Europe and apparently (most probably) will be us in a couple of weeks time. So for now, we’re locked down for the next 3wks.

So what have we been up to for the past couple of weeks during this uncertainty? Apart from the incredulous sights at every supermarket up and down the country as idiots stockpile loo roll, bread & eggs (yeah ’cause that’s the most sensible items to have in your cupboard) I have spent a fair amount of time chatting with our fellow wedding suppliers. What the heck is going to happen to the wedding industry as everything suddenly grinds to a screeching halt!

Of course, I’ve also been in close contact with all our couples, especially those with upcoming wedding days fast approaching plus the hectic diary management that comes with rescheduling wedding dates to later this year and 2021. Thankfully, I’ve managed to reschedule all of our couples so far, so we still get to shoot their awesome days.

Wedding tw*ts

Talking of which, quick rant here… what the f*** is wrong with some people? There are those out there (no names obviously) who are sticking to their contractual terms with regard to cancellation periods and penalties, and I’m not only talking about a few wedding suppliers, but a handful of wedding venues also! Hang on, this is no ones fault they are having to move their wedding date, how about showing some f***ing compassion and values you morons! I hope karma comes around to kick these heartless mercenaries squarely between the legs…

Anyway, I’ve got that lil’rant out of my system, zen is restored. Moving on and back to what we’ve been up to. So, yeah, I’ve been busy in the background chatting with worries couples, Sarah has locked up the studio for the foreseeable until safe to reopen and continue her amazing portraiture. I’ve also been editing a bit, finishing off some wedding album designs, and writing out to-do-lists of stuff I’d like to complete whilst at home for a few weeks. Oh and baking… yup, baking cookies, flapjacks, cakes, cooking dinners. Y’know normal life stuff and maybe we’ll get some decorating/gardening done!

Crazy times… I wonder what will happen and how we’ll look back on 2020!

Stay safe, stay indoors and holler at me here if y’wanna chat stuff 🙂