National Wedding Show is tomorrow

We’re doing a National Wedding Show

Oh my lord, the National Wedding Show starts tomorrow and set up is today!

I’ve managed to squeeze everything in the car… just. I even managed to keep the passenger seat free for Sarah. It’s all a tight fit in there though, so at least nothing will be moving around on the drive to London.

Talk about last minute preps. I was up until 3am finishing of the staining (hence only packing the car at lunchtime) but managed to sort everything I wanted. Fingers crossed nothing gets damaged between now and set up completion.

It rained yesterday which totally messed up my plans, having to quickly set up the saw and saw bench in the garage, cut the wood out there and then run indoors with it to build the bloody thing. Not ideal but thankfully just enough room and dry at least.

All a tad too last minute for my liking and I can foresee me running on adrenaline all weekend, rather than the power of a good nights sleep.

SUCH pop up banner indoors

building wooden cabinets indoors

building wooden cabinets indoors

Right, we best head off to Olympia to set everything up. I think I’ll leave this open and add a pic later of what it looks like… TTFN.


H O L Y  S * * * . . . I’m frazzled.

That was not a 5min job up there. It looks good, but that was a mission. Not sure I ever want to do this again!

Friday mid-afternoon close to rush hour is horrid, parking is expensive, logistics are hectic and I had to design something that would fit in the car. I needed to dismantle everything, label it, and reassemble from scratch up there. Easy enough, but very tiring and time consuming.

Looks pretty damn good compared to the other photographers up there. I’d go as far to say it’s the best looking photographer stand and we definitely have the most albums on display (and the best looking!!) Thank you GraphiStudio!

SUCH wedding show shell display exhibition stand

Anyway, we need to eat and sleep as tomorrow is an early start. National Wedding Show is tomorrow… eeek!