National Wedding Show is in TWO days

Two days to finish everything!

The National Wedding Show at Olympia is in two days time.

TWO DAYS!!! The National Wedding Show is in TWO days!

At least I have new business cards, new flyers, new display albums and an idea for how to dress the stand.

I just have to measure the car boot hatch and build something that fits in the back of the car, yet looks epic on a 4x2m shell stand. Sounds easy right? Yup, it’s not!

wood stacked in hallway

I have a hand full of free passes if any couples are interested? Holler at me here for info…

*edit this was a ball-ache task. If you ever think buying a small car as your main daily is a good idea, then think again. DIY projects with a small car is plain lunacy. IKEA trips are pointless. Tip run are time consuming with multiple runs. With the ££ saved from running a small car, buy a proper car also. Having a bit of a morning rant sat here with a coffee. Not the first time I’ve been banging my head on my desk trying to plan the best way of building something or doing a DIY project only to be limited by my material choices because small car problems.