Gatsby themed wedding at Old Thorns

A Gatsby inspired wedding at Old Thorns

Steve & Nicola’s January wedding at Old Thorns

Our second Gatsby inspired wedding at Old Thorns. I guess having a large function room named ‘The Gatsby Suite’ in your wedding package does kinda lead one down the Gatsby path. An opulently decorated room, with shiny, patterned silver wallpaper, large ornate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, cut glass wall lighting and Art Deco patterned carpet. Not to mention a huge bar to cater for the larger weddings that are held in there.

We first met Steve & Nicola at an Old Thorns wedding show. We were in the Gatsby Suite and they were instantly hooked by an Art Deco styled wedding album we had on display. A tasty black and gold masterpiece from a Gatsby themed wedding we shot at Old Thorns the previous year… click here for our album page and see if you can spot it!

“But what about their day?” you say…

We rocked up late morning to meet Nicola and her squad in the Bridal Suite, doing our usual of shooting naturals, hair, makeup and details etc. At some point I wondered along to hook up with Steve and his entourage. The differences between the two rooms never ceases to amuse me. Chics have numerous bags in corners and plenty of stuff strewn about, but dudes typically have stuff strewn chaotically everywhere! Suit bags over beds, booze on every surface and damp towels on the floor from all trying to squeeze in one last shower before hurriedly getting ready in 30 minutes. Shooting the bridal preps is always calm in comparison. Groomsmen rush at the last minute.

It’s getting close to their 3pm ceremony time…

A 3pm ceremony was the only time they could score, so we knew light would be tight after the ceremony as it was the end of January. It was a bit of a shame as Steve is an avid golfer and having the opportunity to cruise the golf course with them after would’ve been awesome. But alas, a 3pm ceremony in January doesn’t give much flexibility for casually strolling around in daylight.

It rained.

Oh well, we won’t be going outside at all it seems.

150 guests in the Champagne Bar was a touch cosy; wonderful for guests but a bit tight for us shooting naturals. I went up to the Spa room which has windows overlooking the Champs Bar to try my luck there whilst Sarah wandered about downstairs. We dig shooting naturals; guests mingling and chatting together, swapping stories and laughing always makes for great captures.

I also managed to clear a space so I could grab some formals. I pulled up a sofa and arranged family members as naturally as I could, made ’em laugh a bit and fired away. Larger groups just wasn’t going to happen as too many guests and not enough space to pull that off indoors on this day. Luckily, Steve & Nicola had set up a greeting entrance in the Gatsby Suite which gave me to opportunity to shoot everyone as they entered the room.

The evening came around so quickly!

After their Wedding Breakfast and speeches were sorted, Sarah and I went for a stroll around the hotel with Steve & Nicola to catch some moments of them alone together. Alcohol helped settle any nervousness from having a camera pointed in their direction. Have to be careful with this approach though, as the balance between relaxed and drunk can be delicate! They were fine though and just smiled with happiness. T’was still raining out there though.

Dancing, drinking, drunken dancing and more boozing made a fun party atmosphere and the dudes finished off our evening with cigars. Gotta catch that, even if it was raining still. A Groomsman who shall remain nameless, had misplaced his waistcoat, lost his cravat and could not find his shoes. I don’t think he noticed his wet socks whilst puffing on a cigar outside in the rain. I don’t think he’ll live it down losing items of clothing either. Wonder what he’ll be like on his wedding day next year. Oh yeah, we’re shooting his wedding also…

Enough of me rambling on, how about a few memories from their day? Enjoy…

bride and groom standing together in a hotel corridor with text
nice lights
close up of woman's eyelashes
eyelash stuff
girl applying makeup in mirror
makeup being put on girl
eyelashes or mascara, I dunno which
bride's dress being fastened at back
nearly ready
bride with bouquet
groom's cufflinks, rings and watch
dude stuff
groom's shoes, socks and bow tie
more dude stuff
groomsmen opening gifts on a messy bed
groomsmen laughing getting ready
groom ties bow tie in mirror
groom tying dad's bow tie
C’mon Dad
groom emotion as bride enters room
here we go then
bride walks down aisle on Dad's arm
They see me strollin’
Dad gives daughter away
over to you sunshine
bride laughing with groom
tight ring apparently
groom places ring on bride's finger
rings and smiles
bride and groom walk back up aisle
Drinking time
black and white picture of wedding guests
Is he wearing shoes though?
black and white picture of wedding guests
black and white picture of wedding guests
black and white picture of wedding guests
guests again
bride and groom with Nan
wedding party group sat on sofa
wedding party group sat on sofa
wedding party group sat on sofa
chics and dudes
wedding party group sat on sofa
room decorated for wedding breakfast
The Gatsby Suite
art deco wedding book
signing book innit
art deco wedding cake
cake innit
bride and groom standing together with coloured lighting
light flare
bride and groom standing together with coloured lighting
yup, more lighting flare
bride and groom leaning against wall in hotel corridor
still chillin’
bride and groom standing together in front of pictures hung on wall
Just chillin’
couple cut wedding cake
Cake stuff
couple's first dance at wedding
First dance stuff
dancing at a wedding
Arms up everyone
dancing at a wedding
I like my arms in the air
groomsman smoking cigars outside in the rain at night
One of these dudes is not wearing shoes
bride's shoes and bouquets
laying in the bathroom doorway for this one