Fresh website and new logo

New website lands

Fresh website and new logo for a new year.

Nick at Agent 8 Design in Petersfield designed my first website 15 years ago and I’ve always returned to him. He just gets the look I’m after and has nailed it first time, every time and with each subsequent build. Not that we’ve had many builds as they always seem to stand the test of time.

Great for me and my bank balance, so no complaints!

I think this is only the third incarnation and each one has been outstanding in design and function (and longevity!) but it was time to renew. I needed new features, new integrations, easier functions, and how about a subtle rebrand at the same time.

Something a little more elegant perhaps, simple yet bold maybe. Fresh website and new logo it is then.

Anyway, Chris Such Images was something I came up with 21yrs ago, on a whim, with little thought given to the future. Sounds dated. So last century.

SUCH photography however, sounds more professional and not centred around a single person so much, so has breathing room for the future. I still trade officially as Chris Such Images and most social media stuff is still @chrissuchimages but I just wish to steer toward using SUCH a bit more.

Maybe it’s a bad move SEO wise, who knows. Could be confusing to people searching one of the names.

Oh well, it’s done now and here’s to the future…

such photography logo text