MPA National Competition Award Winner

I’m officially an MPA National Competition Award Winner!

First ‘national’ competition entered and I won my category.

Up & Coming Wedding Photographer of the Year 2019.

I know the Up & Coming bit sounds a bit odd seeing as I’m in my 19th year of being a pro-tog, but I’ve only just joined the MPA (Masters Photography Association) so until I get properly qualified with them and earn my ‘letters’ then the U&C is the only category I’m allowed to enter.

So, that aside, who cares! The MPA Nationals are not an easy thing to win, I was stoked enough to make it through to the second round, I was amazed to make it through to the third round, and gobsmacked to score three merits so I knew I was entered into the final round!

Sitting around a table in Coventry in a room containing the best photographers in the country during the awards diner evening, all dressed up enjoying a fine meal and a couple of alcoholic beverages with Sarah and the U&C was the first category announced.

My merits were announced.

“HOLY C**P” I’m a finalist also as the announcement was made.

“And the winner is….” *pause*



The walk from the back of the room to the stage was a touch surreal. MPA President Su Kaye said a few words to me which I cannot remember and the walk back was equally surreal…. Sarah videoed it and it’s on FB (click here only if you are seriously bored and wish to see a phone vid from the back of the room)

winner certificates

man and women on stage receiving awards

winning image on screen silhouette couple silhouetted against sunset

bride holding veil

There ya go… MPA National Competition Award Winner stuff… now go and read something more interesting… until next time… TTFN.