Bickley Mill wedding photography

Bickley Mill wedding photography

Bryn & Katy head west to south Devon

This lovely couple live near us (Hampshire) and found Bickley Mill with a random Google search. Looks like we are heading west for a Bickley Mill wedding day then Sarah… pack ya bags, this is an overnighter.

Bickley Mill is nestled in a quiet south Devon valley and is a lovely intimate wedding venue. Not local to us at all, but I managed to find a cracking Airbnb property a 5min drive away that suited Sarah and I perfectly for a couple of nights. Sorted. This was great for the morning as we were fresh as a daisy for their day and only 5mins up the road. Time for a second coffee and some breakfast for a change!

In the past, prior to being wise and experienced (and younger!) I would drive these epic distances on the wedding day itself. How ridiculous and risky, not to mention idiotic and unprofessional is that? Caffeine and energy drinks fuelled those days, and I’d get up and do it all over again the next day. Ridiculous behaviour. I shudder at the thought of doing that nowadays.

These days, I’m way more professional and prepared. A drive like this is a mooch down the day before and the chance to scout out the venue, noting spots and backdrops to shoot against.

Their entire day was relaxed…

Excellent, just how we like it. I dropped Sarah off with Katy to catch hair stuff and went to see Bryn and his gang busy decorating Bickley Mill for the day ahead. Everything was handmade by them and transported down there in a van! They had a fair bit of rustic details to assemble and decorate, so I stood back and clicked away. I dig shooting natural stuff as it’s wonderful memories to look back on. A ¬†wedding day isn’t just groups and couple shots y’know… well it shouldn’t be anyway.

Eventually, Bryn and his brother Tom (whose wedding we shot the previous year) went to get ready, so I tagged along to catch that happening. Meanwhile Sarah was with Katy and her squad catching their antics. All natural stuff of course.

The morning flew by, as did their ceremony, and before you knew it, t’was time to dance back down the aisle together, greet their guests properly and have a beverage. This is a perfect time to stand back, throw on a long lens and shark the perimeter, sniping natural moments of guests mingling and hugging.

Pulled together a few requested groups, dragged them both up the lane to capture some natural stuff of just the two of them, and release them back to their guests for feeding time. An epic bbq served buffet style was their choice and it was smokey heaven. Speeches followed, with a decent amount of heckling, which gave us some fantastic room reactions to shoot.

After all that was finished, we took them off to a derelict and barricaded-off barn for a sneaky guerrilla shoot. Risky stuff, but they were up for it, so we obliged. Back to the Mill for hacking at their cake and an evening of booze-fuelled dancing.

in closing…

Bryn was in a band. He digs music. Katy was a Red Coat and loves a dance. Party Paul lived up to his name. And Luke might have smiled.

See more of their Bickley Mill wedding day by clicking here for one of our featured galleries… but have a few highlight memories to wet your whistle below. Enjoy.

couple dancing at night in front of barn
dance the night away
three suits hanging up
stuck in the middle with you
grooms details on wooden bench
dude stuff
tie and belt rolled up in shoes
man and son sitting on the floor opening a gift
little helping hands
cutting a button off a shirt
this could end in tears
groom dressing
deep in thought
wedding gown hanging in doorway
tasty combo
bride bouquet and shoes
gotta shoot the details
pink shoes
other brands available
hairdresser doing hair
natural moment
flower girl having hair done with her doll
doing me doing you… a-haaaa (ish!)
flower girl waiting to be picked up
Grandad cuddles
bride's dress being fastened at rear
fingers and thumbs keep moving
bride having hair done
all hands on deck
bride opening gifts
wedding timetable
confetti packets
Toss me…
wedding room details
more details
wedding room details
details again
bride and dad walk down aisle
all smiles
groom places ring on bride's finger
with this ring…
bride and groom with young children
caught in the act
bride and groom walk back up the aisle singing
I wish I could remember what they were singing to
bride and groom walk through confetti
confetti time
bride and groom hug guests
natural moments
bride and bridesmaid
want Corona?
funny family group shot at wedding
Big Kev being BIG KEV
bride and bridesmaids laughing together
natural jazz
groomsmen showing off socks
the sock game is strong
groomsman laughing together
bride and groom standing together in the middle of road
road camber ftw
bride and groom walking on road together
They see me rollin’
groom sitting on the fence with bride standing beside
watching the world pass by
wedding details
hand-made by them
wedding cake in hoop
I know…
wedding speeches
Step up Dad
wedding speeches
night time…
wedding speeches
Brothers tell tall tales
wedding speeches
Hey you, yes you…
bridesmaids with bridesdude
don’t forget Party Paul
wedding guests dancing
it’s getting’ hot in here
wedding guests dancing
I will do anything for love but I won’t do that!
wedding guests dancing
c’mon and do the hand jive bay-bee
bride and groom dance in front of barn doors at night
This barn was proper crappy
bride and groom silhouette
more with the crappy barn
bride and groom laughing at night with twinkling lights in background
shine bright like a diamond
bridal party smoking cigars at night
Katy stepping up