Barnett Hill wedding day

Barnett Hill Hotel wedding day

Matthew and Reanna’s awesome wedding day

This was my first time shooting a Barnett Hill Hotel wedding day and it’s a stunning venue to shoot at. I met up with Reanna a couple of weeks prior to their wedding day at the hotel to have a scout about the venue and grounds. Eliminating as many mental tasks as possible before any wedding day is something I always do, to unclutter my head space so I can concentrate on what I’m shooting rather than worrying about where to shoot as well. It’s a bit different with a wedding venue I know already, but this was fresh to me. Trips up the A3(M) are easy enough, so off to Surrey I headed.

Their day started as normal.

I shot this wedding solo, as Matthew didn’t want to be photographed in the morning. So I stayed with Reanna and her family all morning shooting the details, hair and makeup, dressing etc. before racing off ahead of them to meet up with Matthew and his family at the church. Beating Matthew & Co. to the church which was groovy as I had time to sort my gear out and set up in the church, meet the vicar etc. before catching them arriving in style.

Arrivals are great to capture. True emotions are seldom hidden as the time to walk the aisle approaches. Groom standing at the door of a church greeting guests and a bridal party arriving is a sobering moment. Exciting of course, but y’know what I mean; things are about to escalate and get real quickly. The show is about to start and the curtain is pulled back. You can spend months planning a wedding, pondering over details, choosing items and themes and picking ideas out to use. Then you’re standing at a door opening and the gaze of all your guests falls upon you.

The show begins.

Yup, true emotions are seldom hidden at this moment so it’s great to be in position to capture them. Wonderful memories to look back on in years to come, moments to transport you back to a particular day in 20yrs time.

They had some hilarious moments captured too, I won’t go into detail here, but they know what caused the laughter and that is all that matters.

Church sorted, register signed, everything legal and back up the aisle and outside. Now time to nail a few requested groups outside the church and into the cars for the short drive back to Barnett Hill. Room details, a few more requested groups, naturals of guests mingling on the terrace, and time to take the happy couple off for an afternoon session. Strolling around the grounds with them, stopping off at certain points grabbing awesomeness is the perfect recipe (in my opinion of course!) for styled and natural images. Aiming for a balance of both is my goal at each wedding. Everything covered from details to groups to natural to the couple. Wedding days are not just a collection of groups and couple shots; it’s the moments between the moments that tell a great story.

Oh and the rest of the day…

Time to scoff… well, them I meant, but I did too. Chef did good; an epic meal was served up, and I thoroughly enjoyed (and devoured) it. Shooting weddings is a tiring job y’know!

Cake chopping, releasing balloons in memory of departed family, a few words spoken, a first dance. Sunset happening, so quick, you two, outside, let’s grab this. Nailed it in style and they have an amazing collection of memories.

Did I mention this wedding garnered us a few more awards? Cosmic…

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bride and groom in front of hedge with pink writing
simple use of a hedge
table of cards, flowers
and this was just some of Reanna’s stuff
bride's shoes with flowers
Reanna’s shoes
ladies wedding shoes on a glass table
shoes of course
wedding dresses hanging up in room
dresses of course
bride having hair done
checking out the curls
bride having hair done
this one may be the bride
spraying hairspray onto hair
well, this aint moving
girl smiling in mirror
checking out the makeup
girl having makeup applied dress in background
girl smiling
girl bending down to sniff bouquet of flowers
natural moments are great
girl doing up lace gown
posh dressing gown
bride's dress corset being tied
final touches
bride looking in mirror
Reanna checking herself out
bride putting in her earrings
tasty capture even if I do say so. myself
bride looking out of window
being sneaky and watching guests arrive
bride in hotel with chandelier behind
Reanna liked this spot
bride looking at head table
bride and bridesmaids in hotel corridor sitting on chairs
Reanna and her sisters
dad sees bride for first time
First glimpse
dad sees bride for first time
dad and bride walk out of hotel together
here we go then Dad
dad and bride in front of red car
Going in style
man gets out of white car at church
Matthew stepping out
4 men outside church with white car
Dad’s Rolls
man on phone in church doorway
Matthew being Matthew
dad helping bride out of car
bridesmaids arrive at church
let’s go then
bride and dad enter church
all smiles
bride and dad enter church
a potential tear in Matthew’s eye perhaps?
bride and dad laughing in church
smiling at Dad
bride and groom saying vows in church
I do
bride and groom laughing in church
I best not say why the laughter!
bride and groom's first kiss in the church
first kiss
bride and groom with wedding register
nailed it
3 men laughing in church
2 ladies chatting in church
bride, groom hugging grandparents
the G-rents getting hugs
bride, groom and Mums
and Mums
bride, groom and Dads
and Dads
bride with 2 bridesmaids
and Sisters
bride with 2 men on phones
and brothers
bride with girl holding veil up
and friend
bride and groom standing in church doorway
them and their church door
bride and groom kiss in the car
smoochin’ in the back of the Rolls
red car and bride and groom in front of building
nice motor mate
wedding head table decorated
urm.. a table..
tiered wedding cake
brought me to tiers
wedding horseshoes
good luck tradition
wedding group
the family
bride and groom cutting wedding cake
slicing and dicing
bride and groom letting go of balloons
in memory of…
bride and groom in front of gates
tasty moments
bride and groom in front of hedge
quiet moments
bride and groom in front of hedge laughing
funny moments captured
bride and groom walking together outside
a moment to catch up
bride and groom on hotel stairs
a kiss
bride and groom standing together in hotel corridor
Stylin’ it out
bride standing in hotel corridor
Reanna’s dress
man sitting down looking out window
Matthew by a window
couple hugging sitting down in hotel corridor
a natural moment
bride and groom standing together with sun setting behind trees
making the most of the sunset
bride and groom walking in sunset
Catching some golden hour