“I wish I’d asked you and not a friend!”

“I wish I’d asked you and not a friend!” were the words uttered in our local Post Office the other day by an old friend of mine who’d recently tied the knot.

I was in my own world, daydreaming and standing in line to post out one of our SUCH magazines to a recent enquiry when I heard my name called. After a couple of words spoken, she mentioned she’d read something of mine warning of the risks involved with getting a friend/relative to shoot a wedding (one who isn’t experienced with weddings anyway) and now realised I am indeed a wise dude with true words spoken! It’s never a kool thing to hear, as there are no second chances with capturing a wedding, something she now knows only too well having seen what a friend captured for them.

I won’t go too much into detail, but imagine the phrases; I was fighting back tears when I saw them, the only picture of us was signing the register, I wish I’d asked you, I’m just so unhappy with them… etc.

It’s awful to hear these stories (which we do often!) but even worse when it’s an old friend standing in front of you full of regret! Unfortunately it does happen often, and understandably so as shooting a wedding is not as easy as people think, so whilst you’re thinking about letting Uncle Bob shoot your memories as a wedding gift to save you a few quid, think about the end result; if you’re happy with a stack of iPhone pics on Instagram from friends/relatives then Uncle Bob may be for you, if you flick through bridal mags and love the awesome stuff, give the Uncle a miss and grab yourself an experienced wedding ‘tog… I hate hearing stories like these…