Windy wedding at Chewton Glen

Surprise rain and an outdoor ceremony

Chewton Glen is a stunning venue for a wedding (and photography of course) and one of our favourite venues to shoot at. The service and attention to detail is impeccable, and this extends to all the staff also. Seriously if this type of venue suits your style or ideas then Chewton Glen is one to go visit.

Our day at CG started as most of our weddings do- us rocking up to shoot bridal preps. Y’know, all those amazing details you’ve spent hours (& £££’s) choosing! Oh and of course all the wonderful natural moments of drinking, chatting, laughing, hair and make up. All the fun that a wedding morning is. I hung about for a bit shooting our Bride Victoria’s details whilst Sarah was in the other room catching hair and make up. Quiet time in the next room for me mucking about with jewellery, perfume, shoes, flowers and dresses. I got the easy bit.

I have work to do also, and I was on dude duty following Richard and his squad about whilst they drank beer and scoffed bacon rolls, before retiring to another suite to drink more and get dressed amid the carnage of suit bags and boxes. Girls always seem tidier and more organised, whereas boys seem to leave everything to the last minute and then rush about in a messy room tripping over boxes and muddling up suit bags. standard stuff for me to watch haha…

So, the outdoor ceremony. Well, everything was set up in the walled garden and then it rained. Oh s**t… everything packed up rapidly and the library hurriedly set up for a wedding ceremony. Just in time too. Phew!!!

The day continues…

The library room we used fitted the bill and the ceremony passed without a hitch, so onward we charged into the drinks reception in another room. Champagne flowed, the roulette wheel was spun, cards were bet on with fake money and it rained outside. And it was windy.

The wind blew the rain away, we dragged guests outside to a sheltered spot and shot them in groups quickly. Rain returned and everyone back inside. It stopped again, so back outside for a quick-grab group shot of everyone whilst we had the chance. Smaller groups can always be shot indoors, but large ones really need some space and breathing room. Grey skies and clouds, rain and wind, group shot of everyone wearing sunglasses for the irony? Okay then, you got it.

Another educated risk-taking day checking weather forecast on-the-fly and deciding to get them seated early to finish early and get out for a couple portrait session post speeches.



Grab the lovely couple and drag them around some of the grounds of CG trying to keep them sheltered from the wind. No rain, just wind to avoid to save Victoria’s hair. Kinda managed it (a bit!)



Drinking and dancing.

Slightly sozzled, so why not drag them about CG for a short night session, they love it.

Boom, nailed it and time to go home…

Check out some of their awesome day.

engagement ring balanced on shoe
and for my next trick
Jimmy Choo shoes & Channel perfume on a table
excellent choices here
close up of bride having makeup applied
being touched up
table with bottles of beer and bacon sandwiches
dudes morning by contrast
gold wedding rings on a pink tie
which one rules them all?
5 hip flasks on a glass shelf with books
two men tying ties
the Dad’s
two men in shirts
Father & son
mum helping bride into her shoes
almost there
bride looking out the window
thoughtful thinking
bridesmaid helping bride with garter
garter help
dad gives bride a kiss on the cheek
the official handover
groom takes bride's ring from best man
first one ready
groom places ring on bride's finger
with this ring
bride takes groom's ring from best man
and the other one
bride places ring on groom's finger
I thee wed
couple kiss with guests clapping in background
kiss as if no one is watching
group of people in a room laughing
Dad watches Richard scoffing
man laughing with friends
funny funny
friends laughing together
more funny words spoken
bride laughing with friends
Victoria joins in with the laughing gas
bottle of Champagne and cooler on a table
Champagne was flowing, no expense spared
wedding reception room decorated with flowers
exquisite detailing
flowers and candle on a table
flowers and candles again
tiered wedding cake and flowers on a table by a window
this cake moved me to tiers…
wind blows bride's veil over her face
yup, it was a windy day
wedding group standing on steps outside
cat herding nailed
wedding group throws confetti
watch the hat Mum
group of bridesmaids cheers with flowers held in the air
Champagne has hit the spot
dad stand up to make his wedding speech
My name is Clive
best man reading his speech
that face
groom laughing sat at table
funny stuff mentioned
bride and groom looking at each other outside under trees
photo-bombed my tree shot this time!
couple standing together as wind blows veil
wind again
couple standing together with veil blowing in the air
yup, wind again
couple standing together with veil blowing in the air
static veil
couple standing together with veil blowing in the air
let it flow, let it flow
couple walking together outside
they see me walking
fountain and red flowers with couple in background
photo-bombed my flower shot again!
couple standing together outside with trees in the background
couple standing together outside with trees in the background
couple standing together outside with trees in the background
couple standing together outside with trees in the background
& an encore
bride and groom cut wedding cake
couple dance with guests watching in the background
time to shuffle
wedding guests dancing in the evening
group of four wearing sunglasses indoors taking a selfie
the future’s so bright…
wedding guests dancing in the evening
more wahooo’ng
couple standing together in hotel corridor
just chillin’
groom sitting on sofa whilst bride leans against the wall
more chillin’
couple standing together in a doorway
a quiet moment together
illuminated water fountain at night with couple standing together in a doorway
they’re in my shot again

If this dip into Chewton Glen wedding photography floats your boat and you’d like to chat ideas about your day, then drop us a line here. I dig chatting all things weddings and venues all over the place…