MPA Certified Photographer

Yup, I’m now an MPA Certified Photographer.

I’ve only recently joined the MPA (Master Photographers Association) which is one of the two main photographic bodies here in the UK, and becoming Certified is the first step to gaining my ‘letters’. Y’know those letters some ‘togs have after their name (L, A or F).

Meaningless to the general public and meaningless in the real world as far as couple’s are concerned. But I’m doing this for me both professionally and creatively.

Professionally because every aspect of one’s business is thoroughly checked and all systems have to be in place; from H&S risk assessment procedures, to websites, to valid business insurances, ¬†even through to workflow diagrams and post-production techniques. All has to be proven within a Working Profile which I had to create and submit. From there I’m scrutinised and awarded Certified or not. I was awarded Certified. Excellent news. Phew!

I’m also doing this to improve my creative skills. Sure there’s the professional boxes to be ticked for Certified level, but the technicals of photography and portfolio of images have to be of a certain standard to pass also, which thankfully I hit too. But I want to improve as a creative photographer too. I’m not happy to stagnate and remain where I am. I want to improve and be the best photographer I can be.

So Certified is the first stage to gaining my letters, a necessary stepping stone before working toward the next level.

First up is Licentiate… that’s the next stage to aim for. Oh well a work in progress and of course I report news as and when.

For now it’s MPA Certified Photographer, which also means I can enter this years MPA National Competition- deadline is the end of this month so I bets get cracking…

Oh and if you are super-bored and have literally nothing to do, or you’re weird and like to read technical stuff, then here’s my Working Profile I submitted.

MPA working profile

Disclaimer; you’ll need to be the most bored I can imagine to warrant reading this. You have been warned. TTFN…