Lythe Hill wedding day

Summer breeze makes me feel fine

A Lythe Hill wedding day with added sunshine is always a bonus as we get an outdoor ceremony to shoot rather than the standard indoor stuff. Don’t get me wrong, some interiors are bloody gorgeous, it’s just a change up to be shooting an outdoor ceremony.

Standard all-day malarkey for us, catching every part of the day; details, naturals, getting ready, ceremony, groups, couple portraits, speeches and all the way into the evening for dancing and night time couple stuff. The entire story is the best way for memories, bits of the entire day to look back upon in years to come. Not just a few moments from the middle of the day. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. And I’m the wedding expert so trust me haha…

Lythe Hill isn’t a large venue, nor is it set in acres of grounds, but what it does have is picturesque. Added bonus of an outdoor ceremony by the lake and everything right there in front of you so no treks required. It just works and does what it says on the tin.

I’ll let the images do the talking for a change…

bridal gown hanging up in front of window
a dress, a hanger and a window
bridal bouquet of roses and daisies
can you guess what it is?
two friends taking a selfie with a phone
picture of a picture
bride having her lipstick applied
oh so serious
tree bridesmaids doing up their dresses
all hands on deck
close up of bridal dress being fastened
gotta get this correct
bridesmaid helping bride with her dress
fix up look sharp
wedding rings on a blue cravat
cravat.. that’ll do
man doing up cufflinks
cufflinks innit
man tying cravat
groom pinning best man's buttonhole
just like pinning the tail on the…
man taking picture of crown outside
Dad loves a picture
group standing outside
bridal precession outside with grass and trees
wide angle ftw
wedding ceremony outside
more wide angle stuff
couple saying vows outdoor wedding
Do you? Do you? Sorted
couple smiling with wedding register
we’ll just stay here then
group of people with camera
couple kissing outside with wedding guests in background
in for a kiss
wedding group with confetti being thrown
confetti cannons
group of people sitting down cheering with arms in the air
coaster crew
bridal party leaving on a wooden fence talking
best friends
couple kissing outside with trees and lake
quiet moment together
couple walking outside with trees in background
out for a stroll
couple standing together by green bush
bride's dad doing his wedding speech
a few more funny words
groom standing to do his wedding speech
Steve’s turn
bride's dad doing his wedding speech
Dad and his funny words
group of four people sitting down laughing
now that WAS funny
couple cutting wedding cake
choppin’ time
couple's first wedding dance with guests in the background
another confetti cannon
couple standing together inside with falling confetti
surprise confetti
couple standing together outside with trees in the background
a quiet moment together
couple leaning against tree together
spying on them
couple standing together outside with pink sky
check out that sky
couple standing together outside in a forest clearing
golden hour greatness
wedding guests dancing together
party time
wedding guests dancing together
she’s enjoying herself
couple standing together outside at night in front of Tudor building
Lythe Hill at night
couple sitting together on wooden bench outside at night
we need a rest

So all that jazz aside, if you’re hosting a Lythe Hill wedding day and want to chat ideas, holler at me here. I do dig chatting weddings with excited couples…