Rhinefield House wedding show

Rhinefield House wedding show

Yesterdays Rhinefield House wedding show was an interesting one. I’ve been shooting weddings for 20 years now (20 years!!) and I’ve never shot at Rhinefield House. Never. There’s a few very well known and local wedding venues that I’ve not had the pleasure of shooting at. Rhinefield House is one of these. It’s always amazed me that these venues seem to elude my shooting prowess. Perhaps they only allow their recommended suppliers to shoot there (which would be very strange behaviour indeed) who knows. Anyway, it’s stuuuuuuunniiiiiing… oh maaan I want to shoot a wedding there now!!!!

It was the first time PNM had held a show (fayre they call it) at Rhinefield, so of course I was onboard. I don’t know what it is about Rhinefield, I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding there, but I cannot remember even having an enquiry for a wedding there. Crazy considering how many weddings I’ve shot over the years. Imagine how many enquiries I had over the past 20yrs too!

Maybe I will one day, so until that day, I’ll keep shooting other amazing venues.

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