Wedding photography at Buxted Park, East Sussex – Ben & Jade



What a day!!!  What a long day!!! F**k me what a tiring day!!!  It was an awesome day though I should add, it was just a v.long working day for us and as always we put in 100% effort.  Ben and Jade held their wedding at the gorgeous Buxted Park Hotel in East Sussex which is a 90min drive from HQ so adds a fair bit onto a working day, but it’s a venue worth driving to as it’s a stunning venue to shoot a wedding at.

So up with the sunrise and a lovely sunny drive to East Sussex (with coffee!) to meet up with the girls at a local hotel to catch the usual bridal preps.  Jade was super-chilled as she’d eaten breakfast and then buggered off for a massage which gave us a relaxed half hour to settle in and shoot all of the details in one hit- bonus!

I was keeping in contact with the boys all morning as originally we’d planned for me to meet them in Brighton to catch them eating breakfast in a cafe on the seafront but it was the day of the London-Brighton charity bike ride so it would have been a logistical nightmare.  As it was the boys were stuck in traffic so didn’t even get to Buxted Park to get ready until 30mins before the ceremony was due to start!  This then became the theme of the day…

I’d left Sarah with the girls to catch the final preps and I whizzed over to the boys to catch what I could, which as it happens was rather a fair bit… as Jade was also running late aparently haha!  I know it’s a bride’s perogative to be late, but 40mins late is a tad much!  Luckily Ben wasn’t left hanging around for ages as his best man was faffing around trying to get the trouser press to work and there was a tray of G’n’T to work through…

They were soooo lucky the registrars didn’t have another wedding to go to as 45mins late to a civil ceremony is usually cause to cancel- very lucky indeed!

Their ceremony was lovely though, bit longer than usual with a couple of readings and full of emotion, which was great for us to capture.  After the ceremony we all exited outside to drink and eat canapes (an hour later than expected- are you catching the theme here?) and even though the day was so far an hour behind, we were allowed an extra 30mins to try and catch as much as possible before they sat down for their Wedding Breakfast.  A couple of expected group formals turned into a 45min formal session and with time running out, all the guests were called in to be seated into their stunning dining room.

We chilled, re-checked the weather forecast and sunset time and decided as soon as the speeches were over, we’d nab them to catch a bride and groom portrait session before the evening guests started arriving.  So service ran on, the speeches ran on and then the heavens opened, not that it mattered as the evening guests had started arriving and many drinks were flowing! Fantastic!

I’m not one for stressing at weddings, we’ve shot enough of these over the years to know weddings cannot be planned, weather cannot be helped and it’s most definately a bride and grooms day, not ours to boss around, however making time to take a bride and groom off for some kool portraits is deffo on the must-have-list of wedding photography requirements!!  So yeah stress kicked in for the first time in years!!  We did manage to drag them off for 20mins and the alcohol proved a blessing and we captured some awesome portraits in the rain hahaha before their friends joined in and we let them off to go party.

It was close to 10pm by the time they were dragged in to cut their cake and first dance with their band (who’d been waiting 2hrs to start lol) and, well, the dancing and drinking continued from there!

None of the above is a whinge by the way, the day was fantastic, thoroughly enjoyable, we captured some wonderful memories, shot some kool portraits and it was bloody good fun- it was more to highlight that sometimes people’s timings go out the window, all plans are thrown away and we just have to grab hold and get carried along shooting what we can in our relaxed way.  Luckily we are super-pro #weddingexperts and can quite happily deal with making everything up spontaneously 🙂
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