An afternoon rant whilst I sit here in the office

“You must like your job?”

This was a question asked of me recently. It’s a question I encounter regularly when on official duties and chatting to guests at weddings. It’s a question I answer quickly, “Yes of course I do, I get to go to parties every weekend and capture happiness!” This is my standard rapid reply and, although it is quite correct, it’s not the full answer. It just isn’t the right time to delve into a full explanation at a wedding about why I do what I do and how I do it and why.

To explain fully would see me off on a rant about how passionate I am about the wedding industry and wedding photography in particular. I’d rant about the scarily growing number of ‘camera owners’ who buy themselves some gear and think they can just pop off to a wedding and be trusted to capture someone’s important day. I’d rant about the semi-pro’s who undervalue photography and charge £2.50 for an entire days photography, chuck the files on a USB stick and throw them at the client as if they were valueless. I’d also rant about the true creatives out there who are amazing at photography, the wonderful printed products their clients have and about how passionate they are for my industry.

Now, I don’t want you picturing a disgruntled ranty me, my rants are happy rants. I rant with a smile on my face as I love what I do, I have a burning passion to stay among the ranks of those who are as passionate as I am and who are constantly evolving their skills and are unified in pushing the photography industry forward as a whole. This is luxury stuff us creatives are creating, it’s memories man, it’s capturing a moment in time, a fleeting moment in a life on a particular day, a glimpse back in time in 20years.

The value of this is worth more than £2.50 to me, so I inject a lot of myself into what I do and I’m not happy to just throw a digital file at a client afterwards. Our clients don’t want that either, they choose us because we don’t just turn up to a wedding, spray and pray with our camera set on multi-shoot mode with fingers crossed something works out ok. They choose us because we’re ‘classically’ trained in what we do, because we know each wedding is different, because we know each client is different, because we know each is client is special and should be treated as such, because we’re experts basically and think service before and after is all part of the deal. And finally because we don’t just download our cards to a USB stick and pop it in the post. We create high end printed products, you know like ‘back in the day’ only better…much better.

That was a rant in itself! But I had a smile on my face the entire time I was penning the above, it’s the passion you see, I can’t help it!

Oh and by the way, it’s not a job… it’s a lifestyle.

Thanks for listening..