Portrait shoot in some Hampshire woods

 Shooting people in the woods

A lovely portrait shoot yesterday in the woods near Four Marks, Hampshire for Jamie and Nat (and their dog Hallie!)

I shot J&N’s wedding back in March and they asked me to do a portrait shoot of them. This is always awesome to be asked to do. Nat was really keen to have a shoot in autumn and we chose a lovely spot near where they live, a woodland area where they regularly walk Hallie. We were sooo lucky with the weather, and timed our shoot to catch sunset. I didn’t have any local knowledge for this shoot, so it was a case of rocking up and shooting spontaneously (which I make no secret about enjoying!). Luckily the area was gorgeous and I could choose my light direction. What we captured was full of colour, a moment caught in the woods of Four Marks. Hampshire is rather picturesque y’know…

couple with dog and sunset and blue text
timed it well
couple with dog in woods
the colours of autumn
couple with dog in woods
natural moments
couple with dog in woods
beautiful hazy light
couple with dog in woods
still going
couple with dog in woods
just being natural
couple with dog in woods
those colours!

If you’d like to chat about shooting people in the woods (hobby?) then drop me a line here. We could even chat about doing a portrait shoot in any local Hampshire woods also!

If location stuff isn’t your vibe, then Sarah has most excellent studio skills. Her awesomeness can be found here