Wedding photography at DeVere New Place, Hampshire – Trefor & Donna

Well yesterday was a technical think-day (not in a bad way I add) with a very bright and low sun.  No complaints from me though as the autumn colours were technicolour glorious, the air was warm and people were beaming smiles adorned with sunglasses.  Blue cloudless skies and a myriad of warm autumn tones kicks ar*e over dreary grey skies and wind any day of my shooting life!!

Anyway, waxing lyrically aside, yesterday kicked off with a sunny drive to New Place to meet up with Trefor/Donna & co. and shoot the bride and groom preps. (sooooo much cooler when a couple get ready at their venue!  “Relaaaaaaax Such, no frenetic dashing about”) and my first stop was obviously with Donna as Trefor was busy in the Arden Suite early on setting up tables for their Reception.  So I was greeted by a happy, bouncy Donna full of excitment so I got straight into shooting helped along with a few coffees of course!  Trefor eventually finished setting up the Arden Suite so I met up with the groomsmen mid-morning to catch their chaotic room activities- suit hire bags hanging eveywhere, shoe boxes and tissue wadding strewn about on every available surface and blokes in various stages of getting dressed and helping each other with cufflinks and cravats, standard bloke stuff on wedding mornings!  By contrast Donna and her gang were calmly getting ready.

The cars arrived promptly and we all headed to Fareham for T&D’s church blessing (they’d sneeked off a couple of days previous to do the legalities at the local Registry Office) which was both beautiful and funny, beautiful as sunshine was streaming through the church windows and funny as T&D’s youngest daughter was ‘rather mobile’ during the blessing!

A few group formals outside and then I sent everyone packing back to New Place so I could get 10mins of quiet time with T&D to shoot a few portraits, before jumping in the cars ourselves and following the guest.

We arrived back at New Place to the volumous soundtrack of a 16 piece steel drum band- they were amazing and coupled so well to the beautiful weather and cricket match being played on the lower lawn.  Everyone was smiling in the sun, snacking on canapes and Pimms and jigging about on the spot to the steel band whilst chatting happily to each other.  Perfect opportunity to shoot a stack of natural- box ticked!

I managed to steal T&D away for another portrait session as everyone was being shown to the Arden Suite to be seated for the Wedding Breakfast (Beef Wellington- it was delicious btw!) and then they follwed their guests to be announced in.  Speeches  followed, the sun had set, the evening guests were arriving and the party started with their [cheese]cake cutting and first dance.  The dance floor was busy all night with music being supplied by Eclipse Mobile Disco.  The party rocked.  Another beautiful wedding day shot and wonderful memories captured 🙂
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