Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook – Mike & Sharon Collyer

Surprise surprise, yesterday saw us shooting up at Old Thorns again- I must say I love shooting an Old Thorns wedding; a fantastic venue set in stunning grounds, unique quirky interior spaces and awesome staff who always look after me.  Yesterday was the wedding day of Mike and Sharon and fine weather was forecast, coldish but possible sunshine also but that’s ok as blankets we carry!  A 9am start and I was chillin’ with the girls drinking tea and flexing my creative muscles ready for the long day ahead whilst the boys (well, Mike anyway) was starting on the Scotch (theme for the day).  Morning preps ran to schedule without a hitch and we had a couple of happy tears shed at the ceremony set up in the Hampshire Suite (stunning views if you’re reading this and undecided on a venue..) which is always brilliant I think.  We had bright weather conditions so after their ceremony (and after Mike had grabbed yet another Scotch) we wrapped Sharon up in blankets and went for a crazy drive around the wonderful golf course that glowed with autumn colours when the sun showed it’s face, stopping off at some old favourite spots of mine to unwrap Sharon briefly in-between stops.  Mike had the power of Scotch warmth so Sharon clung close to him!  I didn’t keep them outside for too long as I had plans to use the kool interior spaces of Old Thorns later on for another brief spell in front of the camera.  So back to the Hampshire Suite (via the bar for a Scotch) for a wonderful Wedding Breakfast followed by a touching speech from Mike and a hilarious speech from Steve his Best Man which included the usual character assassination coupled with embarrassing photographs and finishing off with Steve adorning himself with his Stratocaster to end on a song.  We then had Dean perform some mind-blowing magic (go and view their collection in our Client Area to see him swallowing needles!!!!) to kick start the evening frivolities.  Their live band were awesome and the dance floor rocked. In-between the band’s sets the happy couple and I went for a stroll around inside Old Thorns for a few more quiet photographs which is always nice as it gives them a breather and some quiet time.  Again my thanks go to the staff at Old Thorns for looking after me as they always do and of course to Mike and Sharon for letting me be part of their awesome day… Cheers… 🙂